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    Please read........

    I know everyone here knows nothing about this, but I felt the need to post this because it's been weighing on my mind like a truckload of bricks.
    Yesterday, a city-wide meeting was held to have OPEN (group I got involved in) face off the board. I went before the meeting to drop off papers, but I didn't get to stay. I wanted to really badly, but my mom only let me drop off the papers and then leave. I left (reluctantly) because my mom thinks I'm over OPEN and I don't want her to find out my secret. So I went home and went to my room and cried. I wanted so badly to go to the meeting, but after what happened at my last board meeting, my mom won't let me go anytime soon.
    I had some really important stuff to say. And worst of all, this morning I went to the OPEN website. It sounds like the board finished OPEN off. It sounds like yesterday was the end. It seems like now, it's realized no matter how hard OPEN tries, Coventry will close and that piece of Boule-[color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] will be open. Which means basically, OPEN is no more.
    I guess the fight could only be fought so long. And I must say, I wanted the OPEN-Board fight to end, but not like this. I wanted them to come up with some resolution. And I feel if I'd gone, maybe something would have gone different. I feel so horrible.
    New discovery: I loved OPEN because even though I just wrote letters, I knew I was doing something good. I wasn't the lame Kerry fanatic everyone else knows me as. When I went back to school, my friends asked what happened to me. I told them, OPEN did. Well, maybe that's just what I WANTED to tell them. But OPEN gave me a lot of confidence. And I wouldn't tell people I like that kind of stuff, because it's dorky. What will they think?
    Now how am I supposed to stay awake through the board of education meetings I have to go to for journalism? Seeing OPEN in action at them was awesome, and I loved it! I vasically lived for the second Monday of the month at 7pm. But now it'll be a drag, just like last year. OPEN is done. Now they'll just be long boring evenings of the board members ruining CH-UH.
    So basically, I feel let down. True, OPEN may not be done, but their site sounds like they are. Even if I get involved in something else, I'll know it's this stuff that I'm good at. I don't know if OPEN can fight for Coventry anymore, but I want someone to. Our district needs it.
    A few days later....
    I just can't get away from it..... I went to the Board of Education meeting Monday night for journalism and I was bombarded by the board members. Member A asked why OPEN didn't present and if they finally gave up, Member B asked if OPEN had finally realized the board wouldn't do anything, Member C asked if OPEN had realized that Coventry must go, Member D asked if OPEN had given up because the board forced OPEN to, and Member E asked if OPEN still wanted a rethink. They know me as the Black & Gold reporter, so they didn't know how upset I am about OPEN and I acted like I didn't care. I don't even like going to Board of Education meetings anymore....... it brings me to tears to go now. I just want to get on with my life. I don't want to hear the word OPEN, because it just upsets me. Honestly, first Kerry, now OPEN, why do all the things I fight for have to go stagnant? Just hearing the words "Kerry" and "OPEN" makes me want to throw up and beat someone up. I wanted all the conflict to end, but not like this. Drama drama drama. I just want to get the hell out of it all.

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    It is so commendable that you feel so passionately about your causes. Don't be discouraged - 'stagnant' doesn't necessarily mean dead and you may be able to rethink, regroup and triumph.

    (Just like the Dems )

    Good luck to you. Believe in your causes. The world is full of drifters who could care less about anything substantive, so it's refreshing to see your commitment.

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    Hang in there Kerry Fan and let us know how things are coming along.

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