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Thread: Day 2 report from Chinese media

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    Day 2 report from Chinese media

    The following diary is translated from a Chinese figure skating forum.

    Day 2.

    DO is under way. I was interested in three things before the competition: 1) How hot is Beltin? 2) How handsome is T? 3) are judges going to hold up D/S ‘ scores?

    The conclusion: 1) B is really hot; 2) T is really handsome; 3) judges are not biased.

    B has the natural beauty…, I was sitting 5 metres away from K&C area, P is indeed handsome, didn’t realize that before, he really stands out… It’s a bit surprise that D/S ranked ahead of B/T in the CD, so I was wondering whether judges would hold them up again. Based on today’s PCS, they’re still not at the same level with B/T. Maybe Russia is indeed losing its influence over ISU?

    Now men’s SP.

    Sandhu has a stunning presence on the ice, very musical. Unfortunately he fell once as usual. Evan is not bad either, slender build, very gracious on the ice. In comparison, there’s nothing to talk about Chinese male skaters, they’re just not ‘watchable’. It’s not simply technique or even choreography. Apparently, they are lacking of sth, sth hard to describe. Maybe ‘elegance’ is the correct word to describe this feeling.

    No the pairs, the highlight of the night.

    Z/S is doing okay, no major fault. I love them, love their romance, love their persistence, love their ‘humanly impossible’ lift, love that music ‘1900’.

    M/B was quite strong the year before, but has not be consistent since. But they still can do difficult elements, and I also like the way they connect with the audiences. They did a clean program today.

    The last flight is on.

    S/S is quite strong, but not as good as the year before. I don’t feel anything emotional about their long program of this year, still prefer last year’s short program, '1492' was also not a bad choice.

    P/T skate just so so, they are not smooth this season due to pang’s illness. Just wish them the best and they need to replace their long program.

    Shen/Zhao’s long program is no doubt the best, it is excellent. But Zhao needs to get rid of that costume. The last lift did not take off, that’s the only major problem. Probably zhao’s quite exhausted by the very end. It is also quite rare for them to put both throws together in the second half, guess it helps to add extra bonus points.

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    shen/zhao and Bin Yao interviewed after the win

    From SINA Sports:

    Shen/Zhao’s interview after claiming their first GP title this season…

    Shen described their confidence level has come back after this win. Their next focus is on the upcoming worlds. Their task is to raise the technical difficulty of the programs, especially the short program. They want to be able to score above 70 points. Zhao’s injury is almost 80% healed and they are very happy to be able to skate again. “we will now focus on next year’s worlds, after that, we’ll certainly think about whether to retire or not, it really depends on our competitive conditions”.

    Bin Yao’s comments:

    “Good scores, still lots of problems on the details. It has partly to do with the new scoring system. We have choreographed a lot of elements based on level IV requirements, but they were only graded as level I. “ Yao continues,” It looks like the new rules are even more down to the very details. From these two competitions, a lot of skaters feel the time is very limited to fulfill all the required rotations in order to reach higher technical levels.”

    “The standards of the three technical specialists are also not quite the same. One standard at Skate Canada, another one at Cup of China. It’s really a headache. “

    “We have no choice but to meet the highest standard, and to get rid of those marginal movements in order to avoid unnecessary deductions.”

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