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Thread: Chinese Nationals

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    Chinese Nationals

    Does anyone know where & when Chinese nationals are?


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    Chinese nationals

    Chinese nationals are to be held from December 27th to 28th in Beijing. The information is sketchy at the moment and I don't expect anything particularly exciting.

    In pairs, Pang & Tong will make their second appearance this season while Pang is recovering from her illness. Shen & Zhao, Zhang & Zhang will not compete.
    That's all I know at the moment.

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    Does any one know where I could find the results for the Chinese Junior GRand Prix Beijing? It is supposed to be the competition where all the chinese junior/novice/prenovice skaters compete....It was december 24-25

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    This isn't the most in-depth report in the world, but Chinese Nationals results are summarized here:

    Chienjiang Li won Men's, Yan Liu the Ladies, and Pang/Tong the Pairs (Zhang/Zhang and Shen/Zhao did not compete). It actually doesn't say too much more than that, but there are a few miscellaneous details. Including a few pictures of Pang & Tong's hideous costumes....

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