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Thread: eos sectionals

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    Question eos sectionals

    Does anyone have any news about eos sectionals?

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    Some results!

    i have some results

    Pre-Juvenile Women Top 3
    Shaelynn Elliott 31.88
    Kelsey MacLean 24.??
    Chelsi Fahrngruber 24.??

    Juvenile Women Top 5:
    Elizabeth Comeau 30.58
    Alaine Chatrand 30.48
    Leanne Elliott 26.46
    Kristen Brazeau 25.96
    Tristen Hanke 25.39

    Pre-Novice Women Top 7
    Stephanie Mueller 25.28/42.87/68.15
    Deidra Brisson 24.20/39.23/63.43
    Chantal Norris 25.03/37.74/62.77
    Jordan Somogyi 23.71/37.94/61.65
    Michelle Menard 21.77/32.95/54.72
    Laura Liston 18.76/35.08/53.84
    Meghan Adams 21.57/31.82

    Pre-Novice Pairs Top 2
    Chelsi Fahrngruber/David Leenen 21.28/38.69/59.97
    Daphne Liu/Andrew Hodson 14.57/23.02/37.59

    Novice Women Top 7
    Christina Pulla 26.25/44.15/70.40
    Erica Duncan 25.02/44.97/69.99
    Madeleine Jullian 24.33/45.18/69.15
    Jessica Brousseau 26.67/42.59/69.26
    Emily Coxworth 24.01/38.10/62.11
    Kim Ficara 20.29/38.36/58.65
    Roslynne Loback 19.91/38.30/58.21

    Novice Men Top 5
    Paul Parkinson 28.73/55.89/84.62
    David Leenen 25.12/49.20/74.32
    Patrick Goodman 24.07/40.89/64.96
    Anthony Furiano 21.39/41.97/63.36
    Gordon Wegg 19.32/27.59/46.91

    Pre-Juv women would have won juvenile....
    Top 4 in prenov nov women and nov men were a good portion away from the rest of the competition. YAY EOS!!!!
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    More results

    More results...

    Pre-Juvenile Men Top 2
    Tim Pham 14.67
    Jeff Hough 14.57

    Juvenile Men Top 1
    Peter O'Brien 36.71----looked it up and this is a new national record for juvenile men. it beat the previous score by andrei rogozine which was 35.

    Cant remember the scores for the following events

    Junior Men Top 3
    Nathan Last
    Jonathan Mills
    Carl Hawe

    Senior Men Top5
    Jamie Forsythe
    Brennan Martin
    Michael Elias
    Tyler Cochrane
    Andrew Hodson

    Novice Dance
    Helene Letourneau/Kevin Boczar
    Kathryn Leak/David Mackay-Perry

    Juvenile Dance
    Sarah Clarke/Steven Clarke
    Anna McCorriston/Adam McDiarmid
    Tsentie Herne/Andrew Mitchelle
    Kennedy Mason/William Pangborn
    Kathrine Lettner/Nicholas Lettner

    Juvenile Pairs was an exhibition but the team was Hillary Desroches/Spencer Yakaback, they jumped opposite dirrections from each other.

    Junior Pairs was also an exhibition and the team was brooke paulin/nathan last.

    EOS is gonna be well represented at challenge and nationals!!!!!!!
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    A score of 31.68 in pre-juv is highly impressive - take that juv test soon!

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