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Thread: Jeremy Abbott updated his journal 11.14

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    Jeremy Abbott updated his journal 11.14

    Jeremy Abbott, the 2005 U.S. Junior Men's Champion, updated his journal with an extensive entry about the past season as well as the current season. The entry can be found at

    The whole of last year was basically a disaster, but I learned so much. I'm at a really good point right now that I don't think I could have gotten to without having the season I had last year. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.
    I went to Las Vegas with my family for my 21st birthday in June!!! Tons of fun, but I hurt my knee while I was there... I was skating when I hurt it! Come on now I know what you all were thinking! I'm a good kid... for the most part lol Because of that, I had to withdraw from Broadmoor Open.
    I'm just working hard now and getting ready to kick some butt at sectionals and continue the success that I've had so far this year.

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    He sounds so funny and good-humored! A very likeable guy. I hope he stays injury-free so he can keep up the good work!

    And I hope we get to see him on video soon.

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