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Thread: Storm Destroys Montgomery Skating Rink

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    Storm Destroys Montgomery Skating Rink

    Now I have not heard them specify what type of skating this rink was. Even the site I went to said -
    "For the kids at heart! This is like a Chuck E. Cheese, but it has a skating rink, a full restaurant, and tons of games! They host birthday parties and all kinds of other parties. Once you walk in the door, you will definitely be a kid again! They even have a rock climbing wall, how cool is that?"

    Well what kind of skating is / was it???

    I also found this -
    "About two years ago, the only roller skating rink in Montgomery County closed up after about 30 years of operation. Named the Rockville Roller Skating Center, it was located at 1632 E Gude Drive, just down from Rt. 28. As far as I know, the building that housed the roller rink sits vacant.

    Not that it is all that important - although the idea of loosing a Ice rink is horrible - I just can't get a clear answer. Well from the amount I am willing to try to before posting and just seeing if anyone here knows.

    It does appear that Montgomery has a few Ice rinks, which is cool.

    I hope the 2 kids injured are OK most of all, no repercussions from said injuries. But the thought is coming to mind that this seems like a GREAT place. An Ice skating Chucky Cheese with a Rock wall. I want one in my town! That is if it for sure is a Ice rink.

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    It was a roller rink.

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