Li/Xu, Variation of a theme of Paganini

3Tw, high, Th3R, very good, 3T, SpSt, good flow and rather nice positions, CCoSp, out of unison, BoDs, she isn't low to the ice, 4Li, 1 hand to hip, PCoSp

Very good, much better than I expected from seeing some other lower ranked Chinese couples.

Puntam/Wirtz, Sing, Sing, Sing

3Tw, he doesn't really catch he, more like she crushed on him, 3S, 4Li, shaky, Th3S, BoDs, FCCoSp, too many positions for them to do smoothly, SpSt, v. slow, they nearly stopped at the end, PCoSp, slow.

I do not think this program suit them, at least her, he is more or less Ok with the style, but for her it looked really applied.

Chataigner/Bouzzine, The Matrix

BoDs, rather smooth, Th3R, 3S, he doubled, she df, 2Tw, SpSt, 4Li, 1 hand, change of hand, but shaky, FCCoSp, camel, sit Y // si, attitude, PCoSp, including "Mishkutenok" spin.

Much better than I expected. I think I like them more than Pla&Bonheur, at least their basic technique is nowhere as scary.

Piatkowska/Khromin, Tango Chak Chak

3T, not in unison, but done, 2Tw, Th3S, done back to back, 4Li, very laboured entry, sort of "weight lifting", SpSt, BoDs, FCCoSp, PCoSp.

Suprisingly well choreographed and well presented program for the team of their level.

Petrova/Tikhonov, Sarabande

3Tw, 3T, she two-footed, Th3R, FCoSp, not parallel, SpSt, 4Li, good and confident, may be the only one in the entire evening, BoDs, change of hand, PCoSp.

They kept the music, but rechoreographed the program. I am not sure that it is not such a good idea, because there is a section in the end, which was cut specifically for the step sequence and they are now doing death spiral to it. They are clearly the class of the field here, smooth, confident with the good flow.

Obertas/Slavnov, Libertango

3T, Th3R, she crushes, 4Li, laboured but with the change to 1 hand, 3L, SpSt, FCCoSp, loss of unison, PCoSp, BoDs entered through the spiral for both of them.

Now, why would anyway choose a tango on the year then it's a tango OD is beyond me. Rather bland program as well, expect for a couple of "in character" poses.

Canac/Coya, Tango de Los Exilados

2Tw, she is vertical during it, 3T, she put both hands down, 4Li, laboured and shaky, but done, Th3R, she put both hands down, SpSt, she is very flexibile and they are highlighting it, CCoSp, PCoSp, nice "camel-like" Y position for her, BoDs, entered through double spiral.

Another surpringly good French team. Very decent choregaphy for their level.

Inoue/Baldwin, Soul of Spain

2A, and John landed his, hooray, Th3A, fall, SpSt, 2Tw, CCoSp, excellent unison, 4Li, shaky, BoDs, change of hold, PCoSp, slooow.

There is much of either soul or Spain in this program, but it's good venchile for them, I believe trying to make them do more complex choreography will only handicap them.