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    Men LP report

    Gryazev, Notre Dame de Paris

    Missed first two minutes of his program, because I haven't realized that the warm up was already over The replay showed him doing 3A3T and then putting a hand down on some other jump, may be 3A. I came in as he landed 3R, 3F and 3S2T combo, FSSp, good sit, attempt on turnout, SlSt, 2A, CCoSp, caml, sit, layback // camel, U, coe, CoSp, back to forw, asite, attitude, scratch.

    Better than yesterday, but not great.

    Sawyer, Moments in Love

    CCoSp, camel, bent camel // U coe, 3F2T, 2A, CiSt, 2A, FUSp, coe, FSSp, lfS, twS, 2L, split to 3R turn 3R, 3S2T2R, SlSt, 3F, 2A from ina bauer, CCoSp, two changes of foot, including his trademark split spin.

    Excellent character in step sequences, good posture and lines, but overwise quite forgetable, I think. Pity about the jumps, though. The audience booed loudly on his marks.

    Narni, Carmen

    3A3T, 3F, 3S, 1L, CCoSp, twS, U, coe // cl, U, 3A, tight landing, a jump right on the musical accent, missed the take off, CiSt, 3L, fall, FCCoSp, jump to change foot, sit, U, coe, 2A2T2T, FSSp, coe, hand behind, SlSt, CCoSp.

    Not much of expression, but good power in the first have of the program and he can do elements to musical accents, at least the most apparent ones.

    Colot, Alexander

    3A3T, 3S, 3F2T, 3R, FSSp, forward one, lfS, 2T, CiSt, FSSp, coe, lfS, 3S2T, 3L, SlSt, 3S (the third one I think), CCSp, FCCoSp

    Weak and boring. Costume was rather bad as well, he was wrapped up in red and gold.

    Kozuka, Piano Concetro #2

    3A, 3F2T, 3L out of spread eagle on the musical accent, 3SSp, lfS, hands behind, SlSt, 3S, CCOSp, camel, sit,, coe // U coe, 3A fall, 3R, CSSp, twS on both feet, 3L2T2R, 2A saved, CiSt, CCoSp.

    He need to get either better consitency or better power and expression if he wants to compete for the place in the National team.

    Preaubert, Mike Hammer, Swing Kids, The Mask

    3F3T lean in the air during flip, but landed, 3A2T2R (not sure the axel was triple), 3L, 3A, FSSp, CiSt, good character, FSSp, 3F, 2A, 3R, 3S2T, CCSp, twS, coe // twS, SlSt, CCoSp

    Very good, really. Excellent character and presentation.

    Klimkin, The Mask

    3A, 4T hand down and step out, 3R, step out, FSSp, coe, hands behind, 3F turnout 3T, 3S, CUSp, Y, coe scratch, 3L step out, 3S2T, CiSt, SlSt, 3T, CCoSp, camel, U, coe // sit, U, coe, Sp

    Two "comedy" programs back to back. I think this one was better choregraphed in terms of carrying the character throughout and using full body movements (as opposed to Preaubert "dancing on the spot"), but is was nowhere as expressive. There was a weird moment at the end of the SlSt then he looked like he forgot what he is supposed to do next.

    Chan, Four Seasons

    3F3T, very good, 1A, 3L, CiSt, full body movement, FSSp, 3L2T2R, 3R, CCoSp, 3S2T, 2A, step out, 3F, step out, SlSt, once again full body movement, FSSp, slipped on the first attempt to take off for the jump, but did it again, CCoSp, finished behind the music.

    Better impression than in SP, but I am still not blown away. He clearly have good basics and nice body awareness, but I do not find his program interesting enough.

    Dobrin, The Mask of Zorro

    4S3T, 4S, 3L2T shaky, 1A, FCSp, turnout, coe, half-donut, CiSt, CSSp, back to forward, I do not think there was any other "feature" in it, 3S, tight landing, 3F, CoSp, camel, sit, coe, U, coe, SlSt, 2A, 3L, CCOSp, lfS // half-donut.

    He really need to improve his stamina if he wants to keep the quads. He was once again visibly exhausted after them. It's also his last year program and I've seen him dance it through, now he is looking more like he is counting seconds down till the end of it. He has a funny way of doing the quads: he set up for combo in cirle, with a three turn, do it, and proceed to repeat this circle in exactly the same manner and with exactly the same placement of the turns etc to do a solo quad. I know most of the skaters have "patterns" to approach jumps, but back to back it's really glaring. Nonetheless kudos to him for landing two quads and winning his first GP medal. Well done.

    Othman, Lunatico

    2L turn 3T, 2A, CiSt, 3F, USp with weird positions, 3R right on the beat, CoSp, slow hB in the end, 2F2T2T, 3L, 2S fall, opened the jump in the air, CCoSp, 2A, SlSt, FCoSp

    He had excellent full body movement throughout the program and very good lines, but the video replay showed him underrotating one of his jumps by nearly half a turn. I suppose it was 3L, but I am not sure.

    Joubert, Nothing else matters, Oh Verona

    4T2T, 3S, 3A, CiSt, CSSp, lf // coe, 4T, 3R3T, 3F, 3L step out, FSSp, lf, coe, SSp, SlSt, 3S2T, CCoSp.

    He looked as if he paid a visit to Klimkin's costume designer. Really, it seems the same person who told Weir that American male skaters are supposed to be masculine, found Joubert and told him that French single skaters are supposed to be weird. Nonetheless it is a good program. Not just clean with quad, but really good with in-betweens and choreography... Now, if he could loose that "clownish" shoulder pad, it would be a huge improvement. Kudos.

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    Good work by Patrick Chan. He finished ahead of both Graziev and teammate Shawn Sawyer.

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