Canac/Coia, Sabre Dance

2Tw, Ok, SpSt, 3T2T, 5TLi, she sort of slipped down his back after the change to 1 hand, Th3R, touchdown with both hands, FCCoSp with coe, 4Li, 3S, he doubled, PCoSp, 4Li, Th3S, fall, BoDs, SlSt.

She was very upset in the end even though aside from mistakes it was quite decent performance. But this music, especially the middle "fast" part is just a wrong selection for them.

Chataigner/Bouzzine, The Untouchables

3S, she u.r. and two-footed, 2Tw, 2A/steps/2A, he stepped out of the first, she stepped out the second, Th3R, crush, 5TLi, laboured push up, SpSt, 3Li, aborted, FCCoSp, Th3S, SlSt, slooow, 5SLi, laboured, FiDs, she fell on entry sort of slipped of the edge, PPCoSp.

For whatever reason she looks five years younger today than she did yesterday whereas he looks five years older than before. I rather liked them yesterday, but they were really messy and scary today.

Piatkowska/Khromin, Criminals

3T, 2A she fell, 2Tw, hands over head, BoDs, holding her blade, 4Li, "weightlifting" once again, Th3R, to shoot the duck, but she avoided putting second foot down, 5SLi, SpSt, no speed at the end, 5ALi, poor dismount, Th3S, fall, FCCoSp, out of unison, SlSt, PCoSp, slow.

Another team which was much better yesterday.

Li/Xu, Island of Throatcutters

[off]what a nice collection we have in this group, sabre dance, throatcutters, untouchables and criminals... ok, untouchables are technically about "good guys" but still [/off]

Th3R, huge, fall, 3Tw, high, 3T/steps/2T, 5ALi, 1 hand, SpSt, no speed, Th3T, step out, 5TLi, it's the first time I've really seen a toepick pick up from the lady, she sort of just jumped in his hands, 2A, 3Li, from "pendulum" entry, FCCoSp, CiSt, no speed, FiDs, low to the ice, he changes posititon, PCoSp.

They obviously have some problems with throws, she kept asking him to raise and throw her all the way through the warm up and even while they were stroking around waiting for previous team's marks. And she was always shaking her head after the landings... On the positive side I think they have second-best unison and posture among the Chinese teams.

Inoue/Baldwin, Puccini medley

3T, he fell, 2Tw, BoDs with change of hold, 3Li, CCoSp, out of unison, 4SLi, PCoSp, Th3A, fall, but rotated, SpSt, no speed and I am not sure that anything travelling on the straightline deserved the name of coe, Th3R, 2A2T, SlSt, both just are going through the moves with no expression whatsoever, 5ALi, 1 hand

Another "let's just do the elements" program from them. Well, it's not as if most of the others have more complex choreo or the judges are penalizing them.

Puntam/Wirtz, Piano Concetro #1

3Tw, no catch, 5ALi, entred from lunge, 3S she fell, steps 2F, CCoSp, out of unison, 2A turnout/stepout for both, Th3R, Th3S, 4Li, SlSt, BoDs, PCoSp, SpSt, 3Li, exit looked aborted.

Fell out of the final poze. Great choreography, but not as good performance.

Obertas/Slavnov, Edvin Marton medley

3Tw, high, 3T2T, she stepped out of triple, 2A, she singled, he had a lean forward on exit, Th3R, 5ALi, with reverse rotation, FCCoSp, out of unison, too many positions, SpSt, Th3F, fall, and may be double, 5TLi 1 hand dismount, PCoSp, 4Li very weird acrobatic entry, FiDs.

I am not sure what to make of it, I think they looked "liberated" compared to last year, as they are no longer pressused to live up to the example of the great Moskvina's team and can skate as they like, but technical issues are still there. Rather nice program overall, though.

Petrova/Tikhonov, Moonlight Sonata

3Tw, good, 3T, he put hand down, 2A/steps/2A, he singled first one, Th3R out of spiral, 5ALi, 5TLi, both with the change of 1 hand, Th3S, 3Li, SpSt, FCCoSp, SlSt, PCoSp.

Much improved presentation, silly as it may sound, but I think that TV show did them a favour. I liked them, but they shouldn't have choosen the music which is accelerating towards the end.