Katarina Witt (more than 200 clips 1978-2004, Am 3 DVD, Pro 2 DVD)
Philippe Candeloro (2 DVD)
Brian Orser (3 DVD+some bonus tracks)
Viktor Petrenko (3 DVD)
Brian Boitano (3 DVD)
Paul Wylie (1 DVD)
Kristi Yamaguchi (3 DVDs)

ARD-Enjoy the stars 2003
SOI 2002 (Videoland version)
SOI Champions and Legends 2005
SOI Antwerp 2005
SOI 2001
Disney TV (Christmas on ice) 1995
World Stars on Ice 1998
World Stars on ice 1997
ISU Tour of Champions Stuttgart 1988
Summernight on ice 2001
Strawberry Ice-Toller Cranston
Christmas Gift-Toller Cranston
Magic Planet – Toller Cranston
Katarina Witt Winterzauber 2005 (Winter Magic Tour)
Best Skaters Gala 1987
2006 Euros Gala (160 min coverage)
Carmen on ice
Divas on ice 2001
2005 Tribute to the Movies on ice
2005 Kurt Gotta Skate
Tara Lipinski’s Hip Hop on ice 2001
Today Show- Katia Gordeeva
Today Show- Tara Lipinski
Today Show- Paul Wylie
Today Show- Brian Boitano (2x)
Today Show- Yamaguchi + family
Today Show- Michelle Kwan

Rivalries on ice
MK2004 Fuime Suguri Special
Her Majesty the coach: Tatiana Tarasova
One day in Tatiana Tarasova’s School
Ice Storm – The Sale and Petellier Affaire
Skating with Celebrities Episode 2, 3, 4 (Episode 1 in clips available)
1994 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Documentary
Torvill+Dean 1997 Ice Adventures-Behind the scenes
100% Katarina Witt
1988 Olympics documentary – Ladies’ and Men’s Skating

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