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Thread: Something Unexpected

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    Something Unexpected

    I was just watching uhh whatever skating competition is on right now haha and Evan Lysachek just won. But the little fluff before his free skate made me so happy. To learn that he is a Clemson fan, that made me feel so good. I mean who would have ever thought?.. I live in Clemson, SC and I am friends with James Davis and some other players but now I am going to have to get them to introduce me to Cole Chason.

    I am just in awe right now and I don't know why but I guess it is just because I love Evan and I love my tigers and everything is just good right now

    now I am just starting to think.. did I hear him wrong or was I dreaming that or what?

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    I'm happy for you being happy. : Evan did do really well.

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