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Thread: A few Off-Ice photos ...

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    Exclamation A few Off-Ice photos ...

    Hey everyone ...

    ... thought I'd share my off-ice photos from TEB with you. There aren't quite that many this year ... I usually take more photos but somehow there were less opportunities this time. Also, I used to photograph most of the skaters, and have now cut that down to only the skaters I like ... and well, one or two others if there's a good photo op ... LOL!!!

    Anyway, enjoy ... they are mostly photos of Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski, Sergei Dobrin, and Andrei Griazev, as those were my favorites at this event.


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    Thanks Vanessa, they were really lovely pics, thanks for sharing.
    Nice to see what you look like in a couple too!

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