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Thread: Men SP report

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    Men SP report

    Gryazev, Latin Medley

    3L step out turns 2T, 3A, 3F, CiSt, minor stumble, FSSp, lf, coe, SlSt, CCoSp, camel, sit, coe, layback // cam, upturned camel, U coe, CSSp, // twS

    Much better than in Paris but expressing this kind of music did not come naturally to him. He would have done much better with other types of music.

    Sandhu, Pantera en Liberta

    3F3T (I think), 3A fall, FSSp // twS, CiSt, nice upperbody movement, 3L, CSSp, coe, twS // lfS, SlSt, CCoSp, camel, coe, /\ // camel, twS, Y, U coe...

    Well, typical Emmanuel, excellent dancing skills, upperbody movement and so on, great character blah blah blah and mess on jumps. Well, at least he screw up only one of them.

    Shibata, Hana's Eyes

    2A (intended), 3L fall, kept missing it during warm up, CSSp, good sit position, coe, lfS, // coe, SlSt, 3F, CCoSp, back to forw, camel, sit, U // sit, U coe, CiSt, FSSp, coe, leg on the knee.

    rather subpar performance, he did not seem to be involved in it at all.

    Verner, Tocatta and Fugue

    3F s.o. 3T, 3A, 3L, CSSp, back to forw // lfS, SlSt, FSSp, forward one, coe, lfS, CiSt, CCoSp.

    Very good program for him, nice idea (sort of parody of the classical ballet positions) and he carry the theme well throughout.

    Weir, King of Chess

    3A, 3L3T, CCSp, back to forward, lfS // lfS, CiSt, 3F, CCoSp, camel, sit, lfS, U // sit, lFf, coe, Y, SlSt, FSSp, lfS, coe, twS

    Better impression than on TV, but still this program doesn't suit him, he is trying hard and with some degree of success, but there are plenty of skaters who can do "powerful" better and make it look natural. Johnny is just not one of them.

    Urbas, Paganini Rhapsody

    3L turns 2T, 3A fellout from landing, FSSp, 3R, CCSp, back to forward, coe tw // twS, CiSt, SlSt, CCoSp.

    Rather bland performance and if you combine it with the messed elements the result looked rather pale.

    Mabee, Blues Deluxe

    3A, 2L3T, CCSp, coe, twS, lfS, FSSp, twS, hand behind, 3F, CiSt, CCoSp, camel, sit, /\, sit, coe, twS, U, SlSt.

    On one hand he has good expression and some in-between which suits the music well, but he is rather slow and does not have enough flow.

    Joubert, Die Another Day

    4T3T, tight landings on both jumps, 3A, step out, FSSp, lfS, 3F, CiSt, CCoSp back to forw, camel, sit, coe // lfS, Y, U, SlSt, CSSp b to f

    Not as sharp as in Paris, but clearly ahaed the rest of the field here. Audience loved him less than Weir, though. He said he worked on step sequences since TEB to improve the levels.

    Kovalevsky, Libertango

    3A overrot and landed on two feet, 3F3T, FSSp, fast, hand behind the hand, 2L, CiSt, CSSp, back to forw, lfS, SlSt, CCoSp

    Nice body awareness for tango, but not enough attack or character.

    Berntsson, La Vida es un Carneval

    3L3T, 3A, 3F, CiSt, CSSp, twS, coe, FSSp, SlSt, CCoSp, camel, sit, lfS, layback // sit, U coe

    Good comedy program and very nice performance. Well deserved marks.

    Dobrin, Sarabande

    4S3T both hands on the ice on toe, hope the quad wasn't ratified, because it looked like rather blatant axel, 1A, FCSp, coe, upturned, donut, 3F, SlSt, CSSp, high sit positions, no features except for attempted coe, SlSt, CCoSp

    Slightly less "dead" after quad than in Paris, but still clearly suffering through the program. Funny moment: he first the opening pose for his LP, but recovered in time to change it to proper one.

    Klimkin, Mae Medley

    3A, 3T2T, CSSp, back to forw, coe, half-donut // coe, CiSt, 3R, CCoSp, back to forward, camel, sit, Y, U coe // camel, coe, sit, U coe, SlSt, FCSp.

    Much better than in Paris, but still not in the same league with joubert even without the jumping mistakes. But kudos for him for imporving on TEB performance.

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    I doubt Sandhu did a 3f/3t. Probably was a quad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tae04 View Post
    I doubt Sandhu did a 3f/3t. Probably was a quad.
    He probably decided to play it safe for the short program.

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    Sandhu did do a 3F/3T, no quad in the SP.

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