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Thread: Ladies LP Report

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    Ladies LP Report

    Pavuk, Scheherezhade

    3L2T, 3R, poss. u.r., 3F, poss u.r., CCoSp, camel, coe, layback, B // sit, coe, Y, 2A out of spiral, 3L fall, SpSt, coe Y, bi hB, fan, 3S, LSp, side b2h, B, 3T, FCSp, coe, upturned, SlSt, FCCoSp

    Not enough power for this type of music, very slow spins, it's a wonder she doesn't fell out of some of the positions, like Y. Many jumps look underrotated, too much snow on landing.

    Gimazeitdinova, Cosma Medley

    2L, 3T2T barely took off ice, 1S2T, 2A, possibly df, FCSp, upturned, attempt on coe, donut, LSp, b2h, B, 2R (intended), CCoSp, camel, coe, sit, layback, B // sit, twS, U, SpSt, coe, bi hB, fan, SlSt, 3S, step out, CoSp, camel, sit, twS, U

    Horrible costume too. Her skirt barely cover her hips and tends to roll up when she moves. Quite distractive even though I normally don't notice such mishaps.

    Czisny, Sabrina

    3L2T, 1F, FSSp, twS, hands behind, 3R, FCSp, coe, donut, finishing for the free leg, hB, 3F, fall, 2A, fall, opened up after two rotations and crushed, 3F, fall, possibly u.r., SlSt, SpSq, coe, fan, bi hB, 3L, fall, LSp, side, b2h, B, CCoSp, came, sit // cam, coe, twS, Y

    Good opening with the combo, but quickly went downhill, not much of expression either. A pity really, because her spins are phenomenal.

    Sawada, Paint it black

    3L2T, 3S, FSSp, forward one, twS, broken leg, 2F, CCoSp, camel, sit, twS, layback // sit, coe, twU, 3R, 3F2T2R, Spst, coe, shaky, Y, bi hB, 2A+2A, 3T, SlSt, CCoSp, camel, b2h // sit, stumbles in the second half of the spin.

    Rather muzak arrangement of the song, original version might have suited her better and probably lent her some power. Nonetheless, she is a charming skater, determined not to give up and she was so obviously happy after she did 3F combo after she missed the opening one.

    Liu, Soong Sisters

    2L2T, 3F fall, 2A, 3R steps 2S, FCSp, 3T2T, 3T, Sp, hB to sit, SlSt, CCoSp, cam, sit, layback, sit // sit, Y not held, SpSt, coe to hB, bi classical, fan, 1S, LSp, side, b2h

    Very slowly and with hardly any expression. I liked her then I saw her on TV, but now I can understand why she was getting the marks she was getting.

    Korpi, Phantom of the Opera varations

    2F, 3L2T2R, no flow out, 1F, SpSt, LSp side to b2h, 3R2T, 3R, 2A, CoSp, back, camel, sit, twS, Y, FSSp, forward one, lfS, twS, CiSt, 3S2T, CCoSp, Y not held.

    Lovely, good lines, but slow, not expressive and not much of the choreography.... Not as good as SP.

    Martinova, Don Quixote

    3L steps 3T, 3F fall possible u.r., 3S, hand down, FCSp, coe, upturned, 3L fall, CoSp, camel, sit, coe, Y, 3T2T, SpSt, 2A2T, LSp to b2h to B, CiSt, nice character, CCoSp, finishing like Czisney with long held Y.

    She actually has some choreography and tried to sell the program between the mistakes. Not great, but any means, but not *that* bad either.

    Meier, Pride and Prejudice

    3L2T2R with nice flow out, 3F2T, 3F, CCoSp, cam, sit, twU // twS, U coe, CUSp, 2L, SpSt, back coe, 2A, 3S2T, FSSp, coe, twS, leg behind, SlSt, good upperbody work, 3T2T, CoSp, back, camel, sit, Y, sit, finished behind the music.

    Lovely and well done, but this "I am so cute" attitude is getting old before the program was over. Still, kudos to her it was really well done.

    Sebestyen, Otonal

    Haven't seen the combo, 3L step out, 3R, FCSp, upturned, coe, donut, SpSt, 2F steps 3T, LSp, to b2h to B, 1L, 3T2T, 1A, CoSp, SlSt, CCoSp camel, lfS // cam, donut, B

    Neither impressive no expressive, she was simply working her was through the elements, not succeeding even at that.

    Onda, Red Violin

    3L2T, 3F2T2T, 3S, CoSp back to front, cam, sit, hB // cam, lfS, LSp, SpSt, shaky coe, 3R fall, 3L, 3F, SlSt, 2A steps 3T, FSSp, hands behind, CCoSp, cam, sit, lfS, layback // sit, Y

    Good jumping, but she is just soo unaccurate and unaware of "lines" that is distracts from overall impression. Not much of expression, just getting the jumps done.

    Sokolova, Notre Dame de Paris

    I am not sure it's the right title, because I am fairly familiar with the musical and it's not from it (may be some kind of soundtrack...) 3L, 3R, LSp, 3T2T2R, CSp, poor positions, SpSt, 2A2T2R, CCoSp, 3T, SlSt, 2A, FSSp, coe, high sit

    She wasn't even trying to sell it. Normally, she can be very exciting and expressive, but today she was just boring. What a shame.

    Volchkova, Frida

    3L2T, 2F, 3S, CoSp, caml, sit // hB, 3L step out, 3T, SpSt, poor positions, 2L, 2A, FCSp, upturned attemps of coe, SlSt, FSSp, lost balance on landing, CCoSp, cam, L, hB // sit, lfS, U

    Actually the program has some nice choreographic touches, but she did not sell it at all. Somewhat better than absolutely "I do not care to pretend I am trying" SP, but still rather poor.

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    Kudos to Sarah, for her great GP seasons so far, and a surprising entry into the GP final!

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    Thanks for the reports.

    So we have a relative unknown in the GP final. Good for her for getting that far but I think that will be about it. A podium finish by her would probably be a shock.

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    Unknown? Are you talking about Sarah Meier?

    She is a five time Swiss national champion, she has competed in six European championships (4th place last year), five world championships (6th place last year), and two Olympic games (8th at Torino).

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    Quite right too Mathman!

    She's also a beautiful skater, and very talented. Glad to see her having a great season.

    I love how the 8th nationally ranked American skaters are *known* but a seasonsed international skater from Switzerland is considered *unknown*.

    It depends where you live!

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    Well said Mathman and La Rhumba


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    Sara was also out for a couple of years with a bad injury. I think it required surgery. So good for her and a great comeback.


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