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Thread: Pairs LP Report

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    Pairs LP Report

    Pylkina/Hogner, Dracula

    2Tw, SBS 3S he stepped out and probably doubled, there was something "wrong" with the way the jump looked. Th3R, haven't seen, but the collective "oooh" suggest she fell, CCoSp, SlSt in the interviening pattern, 3Li 1 hand exit to dance lift, Th3S two footed and step out, SpSt, nice flow, 2S (intended) 2T, 5TLi, 1 hyand, FiDs delayed entry, change of hol, 5ALi 1 hand, PCoSp.

    In the end she was holding her cheek, looked like her accidentaly hit her during the program. Nice choreography and the theme (vampir&victum) was carried out throughout the program.

    Wakamatsu/Fecteau, Last Emperor

    3T, 2Tw with hands over head, 5ALi 1 hand, Th3R entrance from dance lift, fall (they had troubles with throws all warm up, haven't seen one clean attempt), 2A+2A he fell on second one, PCoSp, both fell right in the beginning, 5Li into carry, 1 hand, SpSt nice, BoDs, Th3S, fall, FCCoSp, changes of edge and positions, SlSt, 3Li reverse rotation

    Really far too many mistakes. Nice touches in the program, but that was overall simply poor. But they kept attacking till the end, kudos to them, but I would have had them behind P&H.

    Moyle/Seitz, Prince Igor

    5TLi, 1 hand, 2Lz (intended double), Th3S right on the beat, 2Tw, 2A+2A, he two footed and stepped out of the second one. 5SLi 1 hand 1 hand dismount, BoDs, changes of holds and his position, Th3R, fall, 3Li to dance lift, SpSt backward coe, FCCoSp, he wobbled and it looked aborted, SlSt, PCoSp.

    Very dilligent in their execution, but they were so obviously exhausted in the end. Overall very nice and neat impression. I thought they would look outclassed here judging from what I've seen on TV, but they fit right in.

    Mukhortova/Trankov, Elegy

    3T she fell, 2Tw hands above, 2A, 5ALi enterd from spiral, Th3R step out, FiDs, change of hold, PCoSp, Th3R crush, 4Li 1 hand, FCCoSp, he missed positions in the first half, out of unison, SlSt 8 pattern... and he stopped in the middle holding his hip... they consulted with referee, he walked off ice and returned within a minute for restart from there they left it... SpSt nice flow, 5TLi, finished behind the music.

    At the beginning they looked inspired and attacked the program, actually the reason she fell at 3T was that she has too much speed coming into it and jumped too high. They tried to keep their mood up, but as mistakes accumulated they were visibly shaken. But at least they showed some fighting spiral at last.

    Petrova/Tikhonov, Moonlight Sonata

    3Tw, 3T, both touched down with 1 hand, 2A+2A he stepped out of the second one, Th3Rm 5ALi one hand, 5Li, I hand, FiSt, changes of holds and variation of entry, Th3S, 3Li some force start, SpSt, coe to hB, no speed in the second half, FCCoSp she stumbled in the 1st half, SlSt, PCoSp

    Much better than in Paris, but still very slow at the end.... And the program doesn't do much for me.

    Savchenko/Szolkowy, Mission

    Th3F very high, 3T+3T she doubled both, 3Tw, high, 5TLi shaky lift, looked like she never hit the position, turned to ugly carry lift (backside to judges) and rather weird dance lift on exit. SpSt interesting variation of very close position, she pretends to lay her head on his shoulder, Th3S, 2A, she singled, FCCoSp, SlSt, 8 pattern, 3Li out of dance lift, 1 hand, looked somewhat aborted, PCoSp.

    Intricate program and then they skate it well it would be really nice venchile for them, but as they skated it here, I find it hard to understand how they nearly matched P&T in technique, unless P&T triples were downgraded (I haven't seen the protocol yet).

    Kawaguchi/Smirnov, Piano concerto

    Really weird costumes and he has a lot of cleavage once again.

    3T+3T, 3Tw, high, 2A out of spreadeagle, 4Li 1 hand, excellent ice coverage, travelled across the ice, 5SLi, 1 hand, change of position, Th3S, FiDs, change of hold, 5ALi 1 hand, Th3R hand down, FCCoSp he missed positions in the 1st half (what's up with spins today?), SlSt, SpSt,nice flow, PCoSp very slow.

    Very good perforances she is very light across the ice.

    Suidek/Suidek, Chopin

    2A, she fell, Th3T, 3T, she doubled not sure about him, 3Tw, 5ALi from difficult entry, 1 hand, good, FCCoSp, out of unison, SpSt, backwards coe, Th3S, 5TLi, 1 hand, PCCoSp, SlSt, 3Li, 1 hand directly to BoDs.

    Soft, lyrical, but clearly outclassed by three other teams in this warm up.

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    Just a question but...for Petrova/Tikhonov you put a that supposed to be a FiDs? Cuz ive never heard of a forward inside step sequence lol

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    Yes, surely.... hopping countries and switching from one task to something completely different does not bode well for the accuracy

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