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Thread: Warsaw Cup 2006

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    Warsaw Cup 2006

    O Yes!! The Bringer of The Obscure Competition Results has struck again!!

    (And this time he even remembered to include the link without being reminded....)

    A couple of things of note here:

    First, check out that Novice Girls competition. 53 ENTRIES!!! 53!! Can you IMAGINE having to judge 53 consecutive long programs??? I realize that the Novice long programs are pretty short, but still.... I'd have my face in the keyboard long about the time the 3rd to last group came out. Imagine having to judge 53 programs under the 6.0/relative ranking system, when you weren't allowed to tie anybody....

    Secondly, based on this competition, as well as several other lower level internationals this season, ESTONIA, of all places, is developing an amazing amount of future prospects. They really do seem to have a lot of talent coming up.

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    Thanks for posting, but no Dance, so I'm all....

    Estonia, Latvia are happening places, get your passport updated, as my guess is they'll be hosting a big skating event soon.

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