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Thread: TV impressions?

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    TV impressions?

    Yu-na Kim was everything I expected. Light and graceful. I also thought Kimmie Meissner is improving by leaps and bounds. Mistakes on the jumps cost her, but her skating seemed more secure and artful than last year.

    Miki Ando racked up the points, and she might win the World Championship this year -- especially if she gets her quad Salchow together. But to me there is still something disjointed about her performances. Kim's skating, in contrast has a seamless quality to it that is very appealing.

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    I have no TV impressions because there was no TV coverage of this event in Seattle! Argh! Missed the Cup of China too for the same reason! This is so damn frustrating!


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    Join the woz robbed club. We have no TV coverage in the UK either.

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    Suggestion: Comb your TV listings. Here in Southern California, the last two events have been shown on ABC---but not at the time indicated on Heather's TV Schedule. They've been shown at 1:00 a.m. on Monday. Cup of Russia is scheduled for 12:30 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 4.

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    One thing is for sure, the French sure do know how to make a rink look nice. What a beautiful arena! Have sponsors on the boards YET there was a color scheme they had to fit. What a good compromise!

    Brian's outfit and music, (his pros were awesome!!!!) I really like his outfit at first because I could only see it from the one side, then he turned to expose that "capette" thing. Did they shrink down Batman and steel his cape so they could awkwardly drape it over his shoulder. Talk about one little thing ruining a costume. As my friend would say, "so often in FS you see the guys intentionally "gay it all up." Instead of just going with the nice look, they have to gay it all up???"

    Lysacheck is the one guy he feels is acutely a Man's Man of the solo ice athletes. Personally I would add Plushy and a few others to that list, but I think there is more then one. But do have to agree to a degree. It does seem like very often, the guys will have a good idea, and then just go OVERBOARD in making it all flamboyant.

    It is fine and Funny sometimes, but please have some dignity. Wearing a shirt with a tie and pants with suspenders is nice AS LONG AS they aren't pink pokadots on a chartreuse tie with orange suspenders on yellow shirt. ???? "Just had to gay it all up so it was just overboard. It is not the circus."

    I don't care what your sexual preference is, but spanking your partner in chaps in a parade in front of people who don't agree and their children is know way to gain respect for your cause. Nor is a clowns costume in a serious FS competition going to gain any respect for FS. Save it for the Exhibition, there is a time and place.

    Very UNsurprised with Joannie's pro. I was more shocked from her at SC.

    Anyway, it was on here at 11:30am Sunday- so don't give in your hopes to see it. "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." I contacted anyone I could think of after I learned of the 2nd part of SA being on at 2:30am and now the past events have been coming on Sunday Noon / afternoon.

    So if you feel like you are not going to do any good by contacting the parties responsible for airing, don't feel that way. It could very well been working. I just say comments nicely and inquisitive while complementing them for the job they do, just complaining about the times or airing. And I don't have to wake up at 2:30am anymore

    One of the reasons it may have disappeared or been moved is because they didn't hear from enough people in the first place.

    BTW, I contacted ABC / ESPN, Direct TV (for airing outside of what the ESPN website said for my area) AND all the sponsors that were advertising during the broadcast (informing them their adds were shown at 2:30am) inquisition whether they payed for a 2:30am spot or a Sunday afternoon when they bought the spot. I really don't know what happened, but look at the ABC ESPN scramble to get them aired. Coincidence? Maybe

    Last just look at the signature below in red.
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    i watched delobel and schoenfelder's FD on youtube hundreds of times
    (blurry,pixelated, etc.)
    when it finally showed here in southern california on ABC
    on my 50 or 60" screen with surround was amazing....they are simply the best to me....the bulgarians were awesome too
    but i believe their "glorious" music help them to be "#1"

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