Has anyone else seen the new Bond movie? I went to see it last Friday and I was impressed. Very impressed, Daniel Craig is indusputably the best Bond since Connery. Maybe even more than Connery. Daniel Craig is an amazing actor with ruggedly handsome looks.

I understand why some people don't find him good looking at all. He has IT or the X-Factor as they call it. When he begins to move and speak he has your attention and he is the sexiest Bond ever. He's also the most human Bond. Here we have the bare-bones Bond in the beginning. He loved, he was betrayed, he was tortured, and had mental hurdles.

Pierce Brosnan would have taken out a fancy gadget and taken care of the baddies but Craig wouldn't mind getting his hands dirty, and getting bloody. We see the human side of Bond, not the monagomous heartless killer he is now. If anyone is confused this is when he becomes a 00 agent.

Some are confused about the time-line since this movie takes place in 2006 and the latter ones (in the time-line of the novels take place in the 60's) This is a rebirth of the Bond films for the new generation. Expect to see recreations of some of the older flicks. Have them amped up and up-dated for the current generation.

The classics will never be forgotten but I see this as an alternate universe of Bond. I think we'll see a trilogy of films with Craig. Maybe even more since he is only 38 and he could do this for 10 years if he wants to. Brosnan was 51 in Die Another Day. Craig also has the best Bond body since Connery. He has this appeal, men admire him and women want him. There's eye candy for the men and for the women. Finally we have a Bond to drool over.

Review: The best Bond movie ever. Bar none. Critics are singing his praises and fans adore him. Daniel Craig proved that he IS James Bond. His critics are eating their words now. This movie has everything, stunts, romance, betrayal, lust, greed, and a plot. I was disappointed in the invisible care in DaD. This is how a Bond film should be made. It's the only recent Bond film to stack up to the classics such as Dr. No, Goldeneye, Goldfinger, The Spy Who Loved Me, and From Russia With Love.

There are a number of firsts for this film, one being the first three dimensional villain. Le Chiffre is also the most believable villain even though he had Hitler hair Daniel Craig looked really good coming out of the water on the beach and Eva Green was the first Bond women. He loved her, not for her body but because she is an intellectual match for Bond. At the end we see her betray him and Craig seamlessly delivers the line "The ***** is dead" He went from loving her to thinking of her of nothing more than one of Le Chiffre's thugs. Their love story is heart breaking. I've never came close to crying in a Bond film.

I'm going to leave it at this. Go see if if you haven't/