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Thread: Eastern - Pre Nov Men Short

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    Eastern - Pre Nov Men Short

    Skaters are shown in Start order

    1. James Hazelton NS
    Marks were 18.?

    2. William Wu EO
    Only saw part of his skate - had problems on 2a and flying sit marks wre in the 18.?

    3. Andrew McConnell CO
    White with dark X band on chest. Very nice opening combo spin great pos / very good speed & flow / 2z2t / celtic music / 2a pitched forward hand down nice height / camchcam bit weak on pos / 2f / flysit with very good fly pos could be lower / nice edging on ftwrk / his carriage is nice and skated to his music Total 24.85 currently 1st

    4. Janis Nams NS
    White shirt with black vest & pants zigag design odwn front of vest / fly sit is clean with pos variations / 1a / gypsy music that is very familiar / 2z2l is nicely done / back cam starts the combo spin - cam pos is weak sit variations are fairly good / travel 3's into 2f / back cam starts a very slow camchcam at far end of rink - positions look better from a distance / strt ftwrk into closing pose / 19.48 currently 2nd

    5. Andrew Mitchell EO
    Long braided hair / black with shiny silver & purple / very nice strt ftwrk to start / combo spin ends in very nice xfoot with good sit pos - camel is weak / 2z off in the air fell / 2a had it then fell / very slow & weak cam ch cam / 2f / fly sit has no fly quite good spin pos / 15.73 currently 5th

    6. Jeremie Boisier-Michaud QC
    Black & white pattern top top black pants / take 4 is the music / some nice movement to start / 2z2t / 1a / he moves quite well / camchcam has excellent speed and quite good pos - best so far I'd say / ftwrk 2f / flysit is quite good / he's expressing the music quite well / strt ftwrk has some very nice touches and deep edges / comb ospin starts with back cam - there's a really good upright open-leg pos in there / 21.59 currently 2nd

    7. Patrick Stockdale NB
    Jazzy music / didn't quite see it to write complete notes / 1a / 2z2t bit shakey on landing of 2t but judging by the screams & applause from the crowd it was one of his better attempts / I think I saw a 2f / 21.98 currently 2nd

    8. Shaquille Davis CO
    Grey vest & pants with bit of silver trim and silver glitter in the fabric (he's negro) / huge 2z had trouble controlling the landing / mission impossible or something similar / ? spin / 2f / strt ftwrk is fairly complex - moves with music - uses whole body / combo spin very good sit pos & open leg ending in ok xfoot / 2a very forward on landing but clean / camchcam could use a bit more extension but it's quite good / he's a little on the slow side compared to what I expected from warm-up / 24.47 currently 2nd /

    9. Jean-Christophe Hérard QC
    Lime green shirt under black vest & pants / camel spin with wonderful extension change to donut without dropping hip - lovely / 2z2?l think the z was clean but loop was very messy - not quite sure of what I saw / greek folk music ? / combo spin starts with great camel and into some good sit & upright pos / there was a 2f in there and I think the axel was a single / there's some really nice moves & detail in the program - was too busy raving over his opening cam ch cam and forgot to take notes while he was skating / 22.96 currently 3rd /

    10. Maxime Deschamps QC
    Blousey grey tunic shaped top over grey pants / 2z2t in there / he started with a nice spread eage into 1a / cam ch cam has very good extension - spin got a little slow and loopy / 2f in there as well / was talking to some parents next to me that are translating the marks announced in French for me (they only announce the Quebec skaters marks en Francais / 22.16 currently 4th

    11. Julien Phavorachith QC / take 5 / started with a spint hast I only caught the tail end of / nice easy flow over the ice / 2a2t light hand down on the a and bit of stuble out of the tow / srtftwrk is musical and well done / ftwrk 2f / combo spin with excellent pos variations and cross ft - camel could use a bit of work on extension / 2a forward on landing but lovely tight air pos / he's musical - was right with the beat and phrasing all the way through - expressed it well / 25.31 currently 1st /

    12. Aaron Deonarain CO
    White top with coloured band blue pants (he's negro) / camchcam leg is a bit weak but spin kept up decent speed / 2z2t / flysit needs more fly - spin is good / strt ftwrk is quite good / at times he uses his arms really well other time their airplane arms / ftwrk 2f / combo spin is very good except for the weak camel / there was a 1a in there / speed and flow is fairly good / 20.83 currently 8th /

    13. Christopher Lettner EO
    Blue & light blue vertical striped shirt / flysit - weak fly fairly sit pos / spread eagle variations into 1a / ftwrk 2f leaning in air fell / then fell doing / camchcam is very weak / 2z ? something happened but not sure what / combo spin lost it changing feet and couldn't continue the spin / strt ftwrk is quite good / his general flow & movement is above the average so far - there's a quality I can't quite put my finger on that I quite like about his skating / didn't get the marks

    14. Frederick Cheng CO
    Black with orange inset with gold braid on chest / sabre dance / excellent fly sit / 2z2t - not very high but tidy in air / very good speed & flow / 1a / camchcam is lovely - very good extension (at least from a distance - he did it at the far end of rink ) / strt ftwrk moves well - right with music - uses who body / 2f / combo spin is very good ending in nice xfoot / unlike a lot of skaters that use this music, he kept up with the character of it and it didn't get ahead of him / 26.68 currently 1st

    15. Cody Fryday NS
    Black with diagonal blue band across chest and around waist / 2z1t / 1a / cam ch cam is quite good - needs a little work on extension / bailed on 2f and landed forward / flysit needs more fly - spin is ok - nice variations / strt ftwrk expresses the music / combo spin is quite good - camel was better here / 17.57 currently 13th

    16. Nicholas Kelly NB
    Shades of brown & beige pattern top brown pants / some good moves to start / very nice 2a / back cam ch cam has very good speed and quite good pos / 2z2l pushed the landing of the loop out / flysit had a bit of trouble on landing but managed to get spin in / 2f fell - lean in air / strt ftwrk moves quite well with different levels - little scratchy / combo spin is quite good - extension on camel not as good as on cam ch cam or it could have been that this one was at my end of rink and the other at the far end / 20.2 currently 10th

    17. Nicolas Yaskiw QC
    Navy 7 white & navy horizontal striped top with lime green lower sleeves orange flower on pocket of pants / music starts with drums & whistling / 2a is good as is the 2a2t / cam ch cam is slow with weak pos / 2f / fly forward sit weak fly - ok spin / strt ftwrk is ok / he's working at expressing the music but isn't quite there / combo spin is ok - quite good speed on upright pos / 21.3 currently ?

    18. Alex Pupek NB
    Black with red diag on one side of top / tango / 2f / he's fairly fast / 2z2l not sure if the loop was held on long enough to be clean / I missed the spin / 1a / combo spin has the pos variations for the level - quite slow / diag steps are in char of music / cam ch cam is quite good - from a distance extension looks ok / 19.37 currently 13th /

    19. Jean Francois Ouellet QC
    Dark navy with light blue around neck & upper shest / he's tiny / 2a with a turnout - nice height esp for his size / cam ch cam is excellent great speed & change to donut without dropping hip / problems on z landed forward after 1 rev / strt ftwrk is good / great combo spin fast with good pos / ftwrk 2f held landing for a second then stepout / flysit had good fly but didn't land it / he's got excellent speed 7 edges / 19.49 currently 12th /

    20. Dante Di Domenicantonio EO
    Stairway to heaven / bit of trouble with free foot in fly sit - not quite sure what happened / hand down on 2z / 1a / combo spin is very good - nice open leg pos & xfoot to end / strt ftwrk is chor to music and he's working at expressing it / 2f with a bit of wrap / cam ch cam has ok extension on front good on back to donut without dropping hip / he's a little stiff / 18.92 currently 16th

    21. Matthew Power NL
    Light blue shirt with vertical strip effect / and a hug for his coach before he skates / another tiny one / flysit with ok fly and good spin pos bit slow / 1a / 2f with a big smile / cam ch cam pos weak & slow / 2s1l / combo spin started with a back cam that was better than the 1st spin / strt ftwrk is quite good / he seems to be skating with a big smile on his face all the way through - like he's having a great time out there / he's speed, flow & musically is quite good / 16.21 currently 19th /

    22. Samuel Angers QC
    Grey shirt with black swirls & bit of silver glitter / nice 2a2t / 2a is good / combo spin starts with a very weak back cam - rest of the spin is ok / very nice 2f / he's got lovely air pos / flysit is a little slow on the spin / strt ftwrk is soso / cam ch cam to end is ok - extension needs some work / 25.52 currently 2nd /

    23. Mathieu Brunet QC
    White shirt dark pants / cam ch cam with layover pos is very good - nice extension - got a little slow on change of foot / spread eagle in to 2a2t - excellent height, nice combination / problem on the flip and he singled it / 2a step out / flysit is good / strt ftwrk is very good - deep edges & uses whole body / 25.80 currently 2nd /

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    Thumbs down Racist Comments are unecessary!

    "8. Shaquille Davis CO
    Grey vest & pants with bit of silver trim and silver glitter in the fabric (he's negro) / huge 2z had trouble controlling the landing / mission impossible or something similar / ? spin / 2f / strt ftwrk is fairly complex - moves with music - uses whole body / combo spin very good sit pos & open leg ending in ok xfoot / 2a very forward on landing but clean / camchcam could use a bit more extension but it's quite good / he's a little on the slow side compared to what I expected from warm-up / 24.47 currently 2nd /"

    Excuse me but I would like to know why its necessary that everyone needs to know that he's a negro? For that matter why does it matter at all if they know his ethnic background? I read through all of these skaters and I never saw anything like oh he's white or anything like that . Which leads to my next point why does everyone need to know distinctly only this boys ethnic background and no one else's? Theirs no need to know ethnic backgrounds this thread was designed to give people insight who could not attend the event on what the skaters did. Not to let everyone know distinctly what one persons ethnic background is! So... next time your posting information about skaters I do hope that you leave the unecessary racist comments out!!!

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    Right on! After I read the posting, (which was a really positive evaluation!!) I saw Shaq and his mom at the competition and mentioned it. They just shrugged their shoulders . None of the other black skaters were referred to by colour. I think the comment must have been made by mistake as the poster was scribbling notes during the event to help her keep the skaters straight, and probably wasn't really meant for posting. It would have been more politically correct to refer to a skater as black or african-canadian rather than using the n word.

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