I missed the 1st group watching the East pre-nov men / lady sitting behind me said at least one of the ladies tried triples in their combo but none of them were landed /

My notes on the Junior ladies are pretty sketchy even for those I saw but it didn't seem to me to be a very well skated event. The Junior rink is much colder in the seats than the Eastern rink (although the seating is much better in the Junior rink)

1. Vanessa Juteau QC
2. Brooke Paulin EO
3. Karine CHevrier QC
4. Jacinthe Brodeur QC
5. Jackie Szeto NS
6. Michelle Gorczyca CO

7. Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver EO
2a / Combo was 2z2t / ftwrk 2f / music is fever wearing sparkly red & black / general skating is quite good and she expressed the music well / 34.38 currently 1st

8. Izabel Valiquette QC
Coral dress / 3s fell / 1a from side split spiral / the music is quite gentle and she has nice expression - esp arms / ftwrk 2f / all of her spins were very good / 24.66 announcer isn't giving the current placements

9. Alexandrine Chong EO
Light coral / soft piano - / 2a / 2 tano lutz 2t / layback has some very nice variations / some unique moves in O ftwrk / 2 tano f /

10. Shannon Copeland NB
Light grey with a sheen & black band across chest / 2a / 3s tilted in air fell / I like the way the strt ftwrk flowed with music / ftwrk 2f / combo spin finished way after the music - there could be a time deduction / 25.34

11. Kassandra Caron Grenier QC
Fushia black / flamenco / 2a / next jump didn't get off the ice - I think it was a sal / nice strt ftwrk / ftwrk right into 2f / she's got good speed & edging & is skating to the music / 32.59 I think

12. Marie-Christine Cloutier QC
Black with white band around to pof bodice / 3s fell - rotated it / ftwrk 2f / don't know what happened with the axel - I didn't see it / 29.68

13. Katherine De Repentigny CO
Didn't see her skate

12. Vanessa Sauriol QC
White with narrow bands of bright colours - very pretty / saw her bail on a salchow / 2f from ftwrk / didn't see axel / 30.51? only announced in french

13. Andrée Anne Lévesque QC
Light pink chiffon over darker pink / 2 sal went up crooked / soft music with ahhh /

14. Dana Zhalko-Tytarenko EO score 34.14

15. Natalie Kwong CO
Shades of light green and one light turquoise sleeve / mack the knife / 2s2t / 2a landed on inside edge step out / didn't see the jump out of ftwrk / she's really upset with herself / 31.9

16. Acacia Hill CO
Shiny light fushia / 3s fell / 2a / ftwrk 2f / total 28.66