1. Gina Lin / Jason Smith BC
Navy with bit of lime green trim on him / very scary lasso lift where he almost lost his balance but managed to hang on and finish the lift if a bit roughly / sbs spins got out of sync / twist seemed ok / sbs 2l / death spiral looked quite nice - she has lovely pos / they match fairly well, but he looked a lot more awkward today than I remember him being / total 25.82

2. Mandy Nguyen / Marcel Rossetto BC
Black & she has striped band curving down her dress / 2 twist is quite good / spirals are very nice - both have good extension / sbs 2f or z he had problems / very nice lift - covered ice well / music is the planets I think / sbs spins started with back sit - very nice matching & sync got out a bit towards the end / he stumbled doing nothing / sbs ftwrk is ok - quite good flow / death spiral is quite ok /

3. Chelsea Cardno / Steven Colk BC
Both in black 'leather' him with a roman collar / music starts with sirens / 2 twist a little shakey but clean / sbs 2z she fell / sbs spins were fast started in sync but went out / O ftwrk - didn't really see / I'm trying to figure out how the music relates to a roman collar on him / lift didn't quite make it up / travelling entrance to fids / pair spin to end is simple but very well done / total 16.95

4. Michelle Egli / Ben Koenderink NO
White at shoulders shading to dark blue / very careful and clean 2tw / sbs 2z - think they both did them / spirals are quite good / lasso lift is very nice - he moved well and she has nice air pos / pair spin was good - kept up the speed / sbs ftwrk in sync and flowed / sbs flycam a tiny bit out of sync / death spiral from travel pos & change of hand - great speed - very well done / 31.14

5. Zoey Brown / Ian Beharry WO
Her in turquoise him in navy with matching trim / moving fast right off start / nice 2tw / sbs 2f - she has quite the wrap / sbs back camels very god sync & matching pos right down to their extension matching and needing some work / lift was very good - covered nice ice & she has good pos / spirals move right into pair spin - just back camels no pos changes / sbs ftwrk he fell out of a twizzle but others very nice with some mirror skating / fids is good / 33.02

6. Kristen Tikel / Charles Morris WO
Her in pale blue him in matching shirt & black pants / nice pairness / 2tw with a very shakey landing / pair spin is simple but clean / hand to hand press lift / spirals are nice / sbs 2l / sbs fly cam bit far apart started out in sync but went out / diag ftwrk moves quite well but scratchy / death spiral with travelling entrance / 22.04