1. BJ Cheung AB
White shirt red suspenders / big band / ftwrk 2f - nice height / he's got good speed right off / beautiful split jump / back cam ch cam almost lost it going in but managed to hang on and complete the spin / 1a / 2z2l bit of a wrap but very good height and speed in and out / strt ftwrk is quite good / flysit good fly spin slowed down a bit / back cam starts the combo spin very good sit / nice program - good energy throughout / 23.56 I think /

2. Liam Firus BC
Bright royal blue shirt dark pants / take 5 / huge fly on sit spin fast low spin / very good speed & flow / 2s turns out stayed on one foot 2t hung on / 2a bit skiddy on landing / diag ftwrk is excellent good flow and uses the music really well / very good extension on front camel and good on back - good speed / ftwrk 2f / combo spin with excellent upright open leg pos & great xfoot to end / another very nice program 25.21

3. Liam Gibney AB
Black & white pattern shirt / 2z2t - little loose in the air / flysit has good fly and nice spin except it travelled a lot / 2a is high flipped of landing / from a distance the extension on the cam ch cam was quite good / strt steps are quite good / ftwrk with a bit of balance check into 2f / combo spin with outside edge variation that he kind of fell off of at the end / 22.45

4. Joel Bond NO
Dark navy tshirt & pants / some nice opening moves to jazzy piano / 2z2t hit the boards just after landing the toe / didn't see the spin / 2a very slow & deliberate into it / cam ch cam pretty good / nice strt steps - expressed the mushc / ftwrk 2f / he has very nice easy movement on the ice / combo spin to end the program 22.49 not sure of last number /

5. Garrett Gosselin SK
Black with diag band across chest / some chor to start / 2a / 2z2t / cam ch cam - front was very nice including layout pos lost it going into the back and not sure if he will be classed as making a 2nd attempt on the spin / ftwrk 2f - nicely done / back cam sit starts the combo spin / I think I missed his ftwrk - maybe while I was writing about the spin / 24.57

6. Nicholas Vink WO
Red shirt black pants & suspenders / bigt band / ftwrk 2f - nice extension on free leg on landing / 2a2t / flysit with nice broken leg pos / diag ftwrk is ok a little stiff looking / combo spin needs work on camel extension - ended with a nice xfoot / 2a / cam ch cam pos is weak & spin a little slow / 26.61 /

7. Zachary Porter NO
Flamenco / white shirt dark pants with red stripe down leg / 2f bit loose in air / flysit is a bit slow as is the strt ftwrk /2s2t / he's a little slow & stiff / combo spin is ok / 1a / cam ch cam had approx 4 revs on each foot - very slow & weak pos / 15.13

8. Alexander Sheldrick WO
Very dark maroon or black with a maroon sheen / flysit right off top is good / 2z2t - 2foot on the toe / cam ch cam ½ half was lovely and couldn't get 2nd centered to spin / 2f / combo spin - stumbled out of it a bit / 1a / strt ftwrk / 17.66

9. Dylan Archambault BC
Tshirt with 4 panels of different colours / 2a / 2a1t / cam ch cam with very good extension esp on front / strt steps are ok / flysit needs more fly - spin is good though / ftwrk 1f / combo sin is very good / 22.88 /

10. Lee Chandler MB
Red shirt black pants / cam ch cam very nicely done great back arch and extension / 2z2t / 2f crooked in air but saved it / combo spin with nice pos variations good low fast sit / diag ftwrk show some nice edges / 2a fell - you could see he was apprehensive going into it / flysit could use more fly pretty good spin / 22.93 /

11. Christopher Blackmore AB
Black tshirt & pants with bit of pink design (paw prints) over one shoulder / pink panther /flysit with good fly & nice spin pos / 2a went up crooked but he saved it / 2a2t bit forward on axel / strt ftwrk is very nice / there's no stiffness in him at all - very pleasant to watch he moves with the music and it looks so comfortable for him / nice spin / ftwrk 2f / cam ch cam with nice upward pos on change / 27.97 /

12. Alistair Sylvester WO
White shirt with red & blue swirls black pants with red stripe down leg / 2z had it then fell / flysit good spin but fly didn't fly / 1a / fell out of front camel and very loopy on back / trip at the beginning of ftwrk going into 2f nice soft knee on the landing / strt steps are with music / combo spin was a bit loopy on cam to start but then did nice sit ch sit upright / 18.23 /

13. Rhys Anderson BC
Black & white patten shirt / Strt ftwrk starts the pgm - well done & with music / flysit good pos spin a little slow / 2a2t / cam ch cam is a little slow and needs a bit more extension / 2a / ftwrk 2f / back cam with a bit of hop opens the combo spin good sit variations & xfoot - all of it a little slow / 28.51 .

14. Aaron Stanley MB
Dark navy with lime green blotch on one side / trouble on both of his spins so far and on the 2z2t - not quite sure what happened there / 2f fell / flysit was the best element of the program / he also did a 1a / 11.68

15. Kevin Caron BC
Black with bright blue diag bands down chest / loop was crooked in air both hands down / ftwrk flip - not sure if double or dingle / combo spin ended in very nice outside edge upright / strt ftwrk shows different level and moves / cam ch cam is slow with quite weak pos / 2a is nice / flysit has the best fly/tuck of any I've seen in either East or West Pre-Nov men / 22.75 /

16. Christopher Boutilier WO
Black velvet with one side of top diag red with gold trim on diag / 2z2t (toe axel) / cam ch cam is slow and needs more extension / combo spin is ok - cam needs work there too / strt steps are well done / for pretty much the whole pgm the music is just background / 1a / 2f / 18.87

17. Stuart Ure AB
Blue shirt black pants / fly change foot sit is ok / 2a hands down 2t - axel was really nice in the air / cam ch cam is ok - needs extension work / very nice 2a / combo spin is quite good / 2f / strt ftwrk moves quite well / 26.01

18. Benjamin Guthrie NO
Black with bronze glitter effect / cam ch cam started out ok - he had a bit of trouble with 1 rev on the 2nd half / 1a / 2z2l / flysit - great height & tuck / ftwrk 2f / trip while doing nothing / diag steps are quite integrate / sorry - zoned out on the remaining of his skate 22.17 /

19 . Barry Tran SK
Black with silver band down one side of top
Some chor to sart / nice cam ch cam - ver god extension on front & back / 2z2l / spin that ended in sit was nice / ftwrk 2f - just hung on / missed some more - sorry for a 1st day it's been busy and a long one) / 22.34 /