1. Ariel Gagnon / Jacobus Oud QC
Her in dark maroon him in matching shirt & black pants / nice 2 twist / sbs 2a he landed on toepick & pitched forward but stayed clean / back straddle hand to hand press lift / bods / sbs flycam sit ch sit- think they got out of sync a bit but too close to me to really see / thr 2l / spiral leg lines match well / pair spin starts with opposing camels - nice spin / the music was soft & romantic and for the most part their expression matched it / 33.56 I think

2. Catherine Tremblay / Jean-Marie Dessureault-Y. QC
Her in royal blue with turquoise trim him in reverse matching shirt / back straddle ahnd to hand lift to one hand - nice air pos & he moves well / thr 2l / sbs spins had nice matching pos but they seemed a little out of sync / sbs 2z she fell / bods - trouble getting out of it but they managed it / 2tw I think she landed before he caught her / pair spin is pretty good / both spirals have nice extension / 27.57

3. Maria Izzo / Maxime Thibault QC
Her in red with black semi-sheer over it him in red with black pants - can we say Spanish or Flamenco or Tango /
Very good speed into 2tw - might have been a little rough on the landing after a catch on hips with her hands overhead / very nice lift - didn't see takeoff but he sure moved nicely & she has lovely air pos / sbs 2z / sbs spins had some unique matching pos - might have been a little out of sync at times / thr 2s / spirals match - got a little slow at the end / very nice arch to her back in bods with change of hand / pair spin was very nice until it got a little slow at the end / bit awkward getting in to closing pose / very good skate - they skate as a pair / 36.01 /

4. Sara Jones / Jeremy Sandor QC
Her in pink over light green underskirt him in green shirt & maroon pants / spirals keep up the speed quite well back coe / thr 2 loop I think is very spinny / back staddle h to h to one hand with one hand set down very nice / sbs 2z think he singled / 2tw bit awkward on catch / sbs flycam start the spins - quite well done - matching pos only alittle out of sync at times / bods was finished very fast - barely 1 rev / pair spin to end (that I didn't really see - again it didn't last very long) 33.86

5. Jessica Burelle / Sylvain Bouillere QC
Her in highlighter yellow him in black with match 'scarf' / tango / back h to h straddle lift to one hand with one hand set down / thr 2s good distance no height / sbs 2f or were they z's / 2twist is ok / sbs spins were never really in sync / spirals are ok / bods - quite nice pos / pair spin is fairly good with nice move into closing pose / 35.1 /

6. Brittany Jones / Paul Messner CO
Her in pink him in black - quite a height difference / 2tw is nice / sbs 2z he was behind her but I'm sure he singled / sbs spins - great speed & sync on front ½ - got out of sync on back / back straddle h to h lift to one hand with one hand set down - very nice lift / thr 2s - very spinny and she appears to be 2 inches off the ice / pair spin to end is really nice / 32.86