I only saw the last skaters

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1. Kelsey Sobkowich WO

2. Zoey Brown WO

3. Lisa Shulman AB
I arrived just as she finished / I think she was skating to Carmen / total 62.50 currently 4th overall

4. Jazmine Roy NO
Wearing red with gold trim around top of bodice / 2z2l quite a wrap / then a very short spin / nice extension on spiral into 2l / 2f1l / strt ftwrk is flowing with music / 2a way under rot fell / flycam to donut / she's expressing the music fairly well / slipt jump 2t / 1z or was it a 2 some walked in front of me and then she fell on a jump that I didn't see / combo spin is so so / total 53.52 currently 9th overall /

5. Mandy Nguyen BC
Wearing bright sea green with 2 dark blue circles at centre of upper back / some skating around with a bit of chor and back spiral / 2f with a hand down / flyforward sit decent fly , very good spin / 2z2l / 2a might have been underrot - very spinny / double jump that I only the landing of / 2f turns 2t / diag ftwrk - 1st 2/3 on one foot / there's lightness about her skating / 2?1t / combo spin is quite good - front was excellent back a little slow / 2z pitched forward but clean / spin ending in beillman - nice looking one / total 64.46 currently 3rd overall /

6. Vanessa Manchulenko AB
Dark mauve / a bit of nice chor to start / 2z2l1l / 1a / back to donut starts a one-foot combo spin - nicely done although she drops her hip to go to donut / 2?1t / 2l is nice / she's quite quick across the ice 2? Pole blocked me out / 2f2t / fly forward sit is ok / strt steps are with music / she's fairly expressive - maybe a little too much arms waving for me, but it does match the music / 2? / spin to end / total 61.22 currently 6th overall /

7. Courtney Bean AB
Light pink / from les miz / nice 2a - jumps up then spins / 3s / 2a2t / sit ch sit with variations is very nice / She has a really nice flow to her skating / thoroughly enjoyed her / total ?? currently in 1st overall

8. Cambria Little BC
Total 70.?? Currently in 2nd overall

My computer rebooted (blue screen of death) part way through her program and since my auto save is set for about 5-10 minutes, also lost Courney Bean's skate notes as well as Cambria's. Courtney skated really well including a 3s and I had some really good notes on her - damn

9. Christina Liao WO
Light green / missed the 1st part waiting for my computer to reboot and then didn't really see her skate all that well and I was trying to recover what I lost / 1a / back beillman ch sit - interesting spin / 2?2t / 2z had it then fell / 2f1t1l / flysit spin with variations is good / charlottle into 2s / total 66.13 currently 5th overall

10. Nicole Orford BC
Black with bare around midriff and bit of red trim / nice 2a / 2z / 2s / some chor / 2f / layback with variations is nicely done / 2a both hands down / strt steps match music / 2l2t / flycam with nice extension to donut / 2l / combo spin is well done some very nice positions / 66.55 currently 5th overall /

11. Morgan Jmaiff BC
Hot pink bodice with black skirt / music starts out very tinkly - doesn't seem to match the costume / 2a had it then fell / now it does as the music changes / 2f2t / flycam needs more extension / some dancing & chor - she does move very well with the muic / 2z2t / 2s / back cam starts a combo spin with nice upright variations / now a bit of playing with music & chor / 2z / 2l kind of stumbled out of it / strt steps in chr of music & move very well / 2f / back sit starts the combo spin to end / 62.79 currently 9th overall /

12. Jayme Nagy SK
Hot pink bodice bright yellow skirt / very light fast music and she's moving with it / 2f2t height is great / fly forward sit with very good fly / 2a had it then fell / 2z2t / back cam is a little weak rest of the spin was quite good / 2f / she's get really nice spring on her jumps and has soft landing knee / 2l1t1t / 2z pushed it through on the landing / diag steps are with the music / 2s / combo spin to end the pgm / 63.30 currently 9th overall /