I only saw the last group skate - trouble with internet connection & other bits & pieces

11. David Saunders CO
Black with diag red lines over shoulder and across chest black gloves / some nice opening chor right with music / 3t1t1l / 2z - didn't get a very good pick but I'm not sure if he has a 3z / beautiful big death drop / O ftwrk might be a bit simple but musical / 2a / 2l / back sit ch sit is fast & low with nice variations / bailed on sal attempt / strt ftwrk flows well with music / 2f2t / 3s / 2a hand down / combo spin had a bit of a glitch when he tried an upright outside edge pos, ended with a very nice xfoot / gr tot 113.33 currently 2nd overall /

12. Ian Martinez QC
Red shirt with gold sparkle black around collar / some innovative chor to start - right with music - pulls you into pgm / 3z2t at least I think it was only a 2t / 2a hop 2? / 3f under rot fell / combo spin is very nice good pos & speed / 3l flipped off edge / he's really expressing the music well / 3z / picked slipped on flip didn't get around at all / O ftwrk / 2a / death drop / strt ftwrk is quite nice - uses whole body / 3s / back sit ch sit ends the pgm / score announced only in French and this guy's voice is somewhat blurry and I didn't catch it except to know he's in 1st overall /

13. Jean-Simon Légaré QC
Diagonal black & grey striped top with part of the design trailing down his leg quite effective / some chor to start / 3z managed to hold off putting his hand down / 3t2t2t / back camel with lovely pos with layover starts a very nice combo spin / 3z2t / spread eagle series to soft music into 2a - very nice / 3t / he really has nice expression & fell for music / death drop is good / 2z so one of the previous ones was a flip, but not sure which / I just missed a spin I think / 2s I think / O ftwrk right into strt ftwrk - nicely done - inneventive / 2a right into closing pose / currently 2nd overall

14. Elladj Balde QC
Cream tunic top with dark sash with gold flecks dark pants / 3z with weird hard fall on side after 2? Rev / 3a under rot fell / ? spin / 3l / 3f sliding fall on hands - was crooked going up and almost too fast into it / 2a / some neat chor right to the judges / 2a3t pushed the landing of the toe out - had to fight for it / 3z one hand down very low landing / O ftwrk / back sit spin with variations / strt ftwrk and crowd is claping - he seemed a little slow to me / 3s turns 3t fells / back cam starts combo spin that is a bit sloppy / currently 3rd overall /

15. Justin L Piette QC
Navy vest effect with diamond pattern sequins over light blud shirt / 3z nice & high tight air pos but low landing with hand down / another 3z or was it a flip hand down step out / 3f fel / 3l I think / diag ftwrk is a bit slow / sit ch sit spin / sorr I in a bit of gaze mode and I'm seeing thing but they're not restering / 2l / death drop is quite big / 43gt / com bo spin has great open leg posiston / currently 6th oiverall