1 Alexander Sheldrick WO
Pattern top with shades dark brown & beige / star wars I think / 2l had it a bit unsteady then fell / 2z2t really close to boards on toe and fell / flysit has great tuck and fly very nice spin / 2f both hands down under rot / softer music and he has some nice expression / 2s / sit ch sit with pos variations is well done / 2f landed on both feet after 1-1/2 revs / strt steps are soso / 1a fell / 2l turns 2s didn't get off ice / a bit of trouble on the combo spin / gr total 43.23

2 Aaron Stanley MB
Red shirt with black collar & cuffs / 2f turns 2l - almost looked like he surprised himself landing the flip / trouble on change of foot on combo spin / 2z1t / he moves very fast over the ice - if a bit awkwardly - but his stoking is very smooth / I missed a double jump and then another one / fell doing nothing / 1z / 1a1l1t / strt steps are quite ok / 2t / flysit has ok fly - spin is slow / gr tot 39.33 currently 2nd /

3 Zachary Porter NO
Black turtle and pants / 1a / 2z / 2s / lovely pos on camel part of combo spin / 2t / music changes and some chor to slower part - well done - expressive / 3l / 2f step down / flycam has very nice fly pos is a bit weak / strt steps as music is building / 2s turns 2t / upright spin with A variation / 43.22 currently 2nd /

4 Alistair Sylvester WO
Black with bronze zigzag design over a shuld & across his chest diag / I missed the 1st element / 2z under rot 2t under rot / 2s 1t1t / combo spin has very nice sit variations / 2a stumbled out after 1-1/2 revs / 2l / 2z 2ft / flysit is quite good - nice spin pos / strt ftwrk moves very well / 2f / he seems to tend to spin his jumps / sit ch sit is good / I think he finished ahead of his music gr tot 54.36 currently 1st

5 Joel Bond NO
Bright yellow tshirt with red stripe across shoulders / 2f / 2z2t - huge spring on his jumps / strt ftwrk strt steps are good / 2a fell - rotated it / sit ch sit with variations / travel 3's into 2l / flysit had great fly / 2z step out / 2f2t / 2s hop 1t / back camel spin is a bit loops but rest of the combo spin is quite good / gr tot 59.62 currently 1st

6 Benjamin Guthrie NO
Navy with silver design across upper chest / cam ch cam with wonderful pos on the front, back need a bit work to match the font / 2f2l / double ? / sorry I'm in 'gaze' mode right now - seeing things and not able to write them up / I just missed something / 60.79 currently 1st overall

7 Liam Gibney AB/NT/NU
Bright blue satin it 2t2t I think / 1z2t / 2s1t1l / combo spin with some nice sit variations / 2a hand down far end of rink - might have been rot / combo spin / strt ftwrk / 2l late stpeou / 2z / I just missed a jump / flycam with very nice extension & fast spin / gr tot 57.59 currently 3rd overall /

8 Christopher Boutilier WO
White long sleeves under red top with dark red/b lack pants / 2z turns 2l / marching band music / 2s / back cam is slow - whole spin is slow / 2z fell / 2l / back cam has weak extension / 1a / not sure about what the last jump was / strt steps / Sorry went into gaze mode again (and it's only day 2!) gr tot 51.38 currently 5th

9 Barry Tran SK
Black with very dark red sash around hips / 2a wft but think rot / spread eagle 2s2t / 2f hands down / cam sit with ariations / 2t2t stumbled out of the 2nd one / sustainded anm enas / comb spin ends is very cnie comgo spin / sorry went into gaze mode again - don't know what 's wrong with men ) gr tot 53.14 currently 5th overall /

10 Dylan Archambault BC/YT
Dark navy shirt black pants with silver on belt / skating around shaking out his arms and legs - now he's set / fly sit spin with good variations to xfoot / and now some dancing with the music and bulding up speed / 2z2t / (can you see I've got a 2nd wind after that ice-make) / bailed on a 2? Then a 2t / 2a landed right on beat of music / back sit ch sit good pos variations / he's quite musical and flows very well / 2a2t1l / 2z turns 2s / 2z / strt steps well chor'd to music and he's performing them / nice camel start a combo spin that gets slow during the final sit pos but ends with a nice xfoot / gr tot 63.75 currently 1st overall /

11 Kevin Caron BC/YT
Red shirt with black trim & gold buttons - black stripe down sleeve / nice high 2a / 2z2t2l saved both the z and l / 3l very low landing and managed to save it for a second but then put free foot down / combo spin ending in nice xfoot / 3s very low landing with turnout but stayed on 1 foot / bailed on flip - pick didn't go in right / back cam - pos a bit weak as is the front camel but sit and upright variations are very good / 2z / diag ftwrk shows nice edges / 2a turns 2s / death drop almost lost the landing but saved it / gr tot 63.23 currently 2nd overall / that surprises me. Between the end of the event and posting this I've seen the protocol and both his triples were down-graded. The loop was at the far end of the ice and I can't be sure about that one, but the sal was right in front of me and I'm positive it shouldn't have been downgraded.

12 Lee Chandler MB
Black vest & pants with white shirt / 2z2t / back camel starts a combo spin with good pos but a little slow / 2a fell / back spiral 2s1l1l / 2f2t / back sit ch sit with very nice broken leg variations / 2z / a stumble at the start of strt ftwrk expressed the music / 2l / fly forward sit nice fly & spin except it got a little slow / 2t and some fun chor into final pose / gr tot 65.90 currently 1st overall /

13 B.J Cheung AB/NT/NU
White shirt dark pants with red sah / folk music / he's moving quite fast but really just skating around until 1st jump / 2z2l / big open 1a / 2f2t wrap on flip hand and foot down on toe / 2s1t1l / back camel starts a very nice combo spin / 2 tano z / 2l / big death drop to very short spin / back camel - bit weak on the free leg to sit / strt ftwrk matches music well / 2? Into final pose / gr tot 65.03 currently 2nd overall /

14 Garrett Gosselin SK
Dark red top with gold braid from one shoulder & down front dark pants / some chor / 2a slid off edge / 2f2t / flysit - fly needs work spin is good / some nice chor then a 2l / ina into 2s1t1l / 2z2t / upright change foot spin - ok variations / O ftwrk as music changes - matches music well - nice arm movement too / 2f / back cam with layover pos starts a combo spin / 2z hand down / gr tot 68.95 currently 1st overall /

15 Stuart Ure AB/NT/NU
Dull gold lame top has red & black appliqués on it but / 2z2t / nice 2a2t - tight air pos / sit ch sit with pos variations / 2l / 3s came out early on 2 feet / flysit with variations - got alittle slow / 2z / diag ftwrk - chor'd to music but needs to move a little faster / 1a - looked like he changed his mind in the air / combo spin to end finishes after the music / gr tot 70.38 currently 1st overall

16 Liam Firus BC/YT
Black shirt & pants / 2z2t / black magic woman / some nice chor / 3s hung on with a turnout / combo spin with great back open leg pos to start / 2a fell / 2? f I think with a turnout 1t1l / combo spin with some great variations / strt ftwrk moves right with the music & shows different levels / 2t / 2z / 2a 1t / butterfly back sit ch sit with good broken leg pos / gr tot 75.21 currently 1st overall /

17 Nicholas Vink WO
Dark turquoise shirt under tunic length vest / 2z2l / 2a1t1l / back sit ch sit to xfoot - good spin / 3s very low landing but hung on / 2s / 2a bad lean in air fell / back camel with weak pos starts combo spin ends in a xfoot / 2z / strt ftwrk is well done and with the music / 2f turns 2l / flysit with very good fly & broken leg pos / gr tot 73.56 currently 2nd overall /

18 Rhys Anderson BC/YT
Black top with a sheen to it except on one sleeve / some innovative fast chor to start / 2z2t not really pretty but clean / flysit has good height & spin pos but gets very slow / 2a2t / 2s / spin that I din't seet the start of ended in back sit xffot / strt steps use accents of music / bailed on axel / 2t / back camel although slow has quite good pos - starts a combo spin / 2a hop turn 1l / 2z into closing pose / gr tot 77.18 currently 1st overall /

19 Christopher Blackmore AB/NT/NU
Black tshirt & pants with royal blue design covering most of one side of top / 2? / 2a2t / 2z2t / 2l hopped on landing to hold it / back camel with layover variations to xfoot - nice spin / back spiral is very nice / 1a / bailed on 3s / O ftwrk is great with faster music and a stumble about ½ way through / into a spin I didn't really see / 2z turns 2s / back camsel starts a good combo spin / gr tot 71.05 currently 4th overall /