10 Brooke Ellis SK
I came in part way through her skate / I did see 2 nice 2a's and a 3s along with a 2f, not sure what other jumps she did / Gr tot 90.02 currently 3rd overall

11 McKenzie Crawford WO
Turquoise with black trim on bottom of skirt & bodice / 2a2t / 3s landed - free foot brushed going through / very judge-centrice chor so far / 3t fell / spread eagle 2l / 3t landed very far forward and then had to put hands down / combo spin is very nice - position changes timed with music / 2a - both hands down - you could see going up that it probably wouldn't happen / spirals were typical spirals - nice but nothing special / 2a / fly forward sit is good / gr tot 90.52 currently 1st overall /

12 Erica Risseeuw AB/NT/NU
Red dress with white sleeves - folk style / light & lively folk chor to start / 2a / 2s - went up crooked - no way she could do a triple / 2t after a nice ftwrk seq / flycam starts combo spin / music is softer now and her chor is very good / 1l / there's nice ease to her stoking - effortless-looking / 1f / O ftwrk is well done / 2a turnout 2t / 2z2t / very nice fast combo spin to end / gr tot 90.90 currently 1st overall / looking back at what jumps I have for her and her score, I must have missed something.

13 Alexandra Simon SK
Red skirt black top with semisheer arms / how did I guess - Carmen / nice attitude by her to match the music / 2a landed on 2 feet / 2a landed but free foot went down a little fast / 2z step out / flycam to donut is very nice - nice change of pos / 2f / 2l1l / excellent pos & variations on a fast layback to beillman / some nice dancing to music - well done / spirals were good / 2f / 2f1l1l / diag steps were in char and to the music / combo spin to end is well done / gr tot 90.00 currently 4th overall /

14 Lauren Cowley AB/NT/NU
Bright red with black lace over it / tango / some nice chor to start / 2a2t / 3s fell / 2l / combo spin is good / spread eagle 2z / spirals seq into 1a / death drop is good - nice fly / 3s had it then fell - rotated / strt steps - wasn't paying attention / 2s fell / started combo spin back - all kinds of little problems on every pos on back / gr tot 78.60 curently 8th overall /

15 Kathryn Kang BC/YT
Pale blue bathing suite style shading to pink at hem / 3z very nice / 3f bit wild free leg on landing but clean / 3s / fly forward sit needs more fly & tuck but the spin was nice / 3t slid off edge fell - she was tentative going into it / I think I missed seeing a layback spin / spirals are ok / into a 2a - nice one / 2a turns 2t / bailed in air on 3s / strt ftwrk is ok / there's really no chor or connection to the music in this program, at least IMO / combo spin to end is very nice / 101.54 currently 1st overall /

16 Brittany Novakowski BC/YT
Light blue semi sheer over white / nice chor to the gentle music to start / 2a2t / 2a / back cam starts a good combo spin and the end of it is timed right to the music and she's really skating to the music / spirals are nice right into 2s2t / strt ftwrk is good & musical / 2z2t1l / back cam starts what was chor'd as a lovely spin but she had trouble centering it and then with all the pos / 2a started a nice series of jumps & chor and I was busy writing and didn't catch what she did / It's a lovely program and even though it's soft & gentle music that usually puts me to 'gaze' mode, this program drew me in and kept my attention - due to the chor and and the way she expressed it. / Gr tot 102.58 currently 1st overall /

17 Kerry Meagher WO
Royal purple / layback to beillman is good / 2l / 3s fell not sure if rotated / 2z2t / her double jumps are light & airy / think I just missed the strt ftwrk / 2a / back cam to donut starts the combo spin / music is romeo & Juliet / 2f / 2z1t / spirals are ok / 2f2t / flycam with josee layover / gr tot 90.42 currently 5th overall /

18 Cecylia Witkowski BC/YT
Black with silver sequin design / 2a hop 2f / 3t fell on stomach and slid / combo spin is excellent with smooth transitions between pos / sal didn't go up right - bailed / 2a2t / 2l I think / layback to beillman - trouble getting into beill pos / 3t had it then fell / 2f2t / strt ftwrk is detailed and with music / flycam to donut to beillman ends the pgm / gr tot 86.41 currently 8th overall /

19 Kristy Bell WO
Turquoise with bit / fly forward sit is quite good / 2a2t / 2f I think - nope not sure what it was / violin fantasy - turandot / 2f / O ftwrk that I didn't really see / flycam to donut starts the combo spin / ina / 2a2t / 2z2t1t / 2f / 2a / flycam to donut combo spin / She skated like she wanted it. Gr total 100.70 currently 3rd overall /

I don't have the results sheet for this event, and as of right now the Skate Canada page hasn't been updated, so I can't tell you where the skaters that skated before I got there placed.