1 William Pollock AB/NT/NU
Black & blue top sparkly / 3s stumbled out a bit - under rot / beautiful extension on camel spin / 2a / 2f / strt ftwrk moves well / he's got good speed & flow / combo spin had trouble enter camel but rest of spin is very good / tot 22.95

2 Brandon Armstrong WO
Shades of orange & brown pattern tshirt / nice opening moves / nice 2a / flysit with good tuck but fell on landing / fell on 1st jump of combo at far end of rink didn't see what it was / combo spin is good / spread eagle ftwrk into 2f / diag steps are complex and well done / gorgeous extension on front camel very good on back / 28.20 currently 1st /

3 Jason Cheperdak BC/YT
Black with checkerboard white design on one side of top / ftwrk 2f / flysit has ok fly nice tuck spin pos / opened up in air on 2a and landed forward on 2 feet / strt ftwrk is good - decent flow / cam ch cam has good extension on both good speed / 2z2t / combo spin has great fast tuck upright pos - rest are good, but that one stands out / good speed & flow in general / 23.54 currently 2nd /

4 Robbie Harrison BC/YT
Orange & yellow front on vest / some dancing to start and ubuilding up speed with chor / 2s2t / cam ch cam good speed & pos on front - back a little weaker / strt ftwrk is in char of the music and moves well / there's chor right through the pgm / combo spin start back and ends in a good xfoot / back hydro blade split jump ftwrk into 2f / landed 2a on 2feet / flysit to end is ok / 25.87 currently 2nd /

5 Sasha Wells AB/NT/NU
Black with bits of white around one arm / soft & gentle piano / 3t2t / camch cam is very nice bit of layover on back / ftwrk 2f both hands down / music builds a bit during strt ftwrk that expresses it very well / the crowd is very quiet with the music / 2a didn't get off ice then did did something else (not sure) and fell - don't know if he tried the axel again / didn't really see the spins that followed trying to figure out what happened / 23.03 currently 4th /

6 Charles Morris WO
Diag top with beige on one side cream on other - both sleeves are cream / Danny Boy / 3s2t / flysit quite good fly low sit pos with variations a little slow / ftwrk 2f / combo spin with flyover change ending in xfoot / he's got a nice flowy style that matches the music well / strt ftwrk might be a bit simple but works with the music / 2a / cam ch cam with donut variation is good / 28.31 currently 1st /

7 Ian Beharry WO
Black & white pattern top / 2a / flysit was high into a broken leg spin landing wasn't perfect / 3s landed on inside edge free foot down / cam ch cam is ok - needs more extension / strt steps are timed with music but you don't get the feeling he's into the music / ftwrk 2f / combo spin ends in a xfoot that speeds up and has a nice open leg pos in the middle / his general skating is a little on the stiff side / 25.40 currently ?? (they aren't announcing it, I just calculated it for the previous skaters)

8 Darcy Lillie NO
Bright turquoise shirt / right out of star skate - never competed pre-novice / 1a / flysit good fly trouble on landing / 2z2t turnout /
Diag steps are a little rough but done / front cam was very nice back needs more extension - trouble centering on the change / ftwrk 2f / combo spin starts backward - camel needs work, rest of spin was ok / he's a fair bit slower than most of the other skaters / 18.13 currently??

9 Mervin Tran SK
Black vest & pants pink shirt / pink panther / and some good chor to start / 2a / 3t2t at 1st I wasn't sure if the triple was a sal or toe / I might have missed something in there trying to figure out the combo - it was at the far end of the ice / ftwrk 2 flip / strt ftwrk is fairly complex - with music / cam ch cam was very slow - front extension was good back needs work / combo spin had good positions but quite slow throughout except on the ending xfoot that was at a good speed / 31.19 currently 1st /

10 David Shoults AB/NT/NU
Light blue shirt with dark blue striped tie / easy bluesy music and his body posture & movement matches / 2a / 3s flipped off edge / flysit with high tuck good spin / ftwrk 2f / back cam ch cam both needs a lot of work on extension / diag ftwrk moves very well with the music that has picked up - maybe a bit simple / combo spin starts with back cam ends in a nice xfoot - same problem with extension in cam on this spin / 26.36 /

11 Matthew Stibbard AB/NT/NU
Ivory shirt dark pants / a bit of chor to start / swing music / 2a pitched forward on landing & free leg brushed going through / 2z was nice 2t landed on both feet / cam ch cam hopped to hold back cam both were very slow & weak pos / diag ftwrk in char of music and moved well / flysit could use more tuck spin was ok / ftwrk 2f fell / combo spin couldn't center the camel - rest of spin was ok including a nice fast xfoot to end / 20.12 /

12 Michael Marinaro WO
Bright green shirt with big black & silver circles / big band / great speed into 2a / flysit ok fly needs more tuck good spin / 3s fell / back cam with bit of layover chg cam with outside edge - could use a little more extension on both / ftwrk 2f / strt ftwrk in char of music / back cam starts combo spin ending in outside edge upright / 26.76 /

13 Braeden Donaldson BC/YT
Light green top with black insets on arms and sides / a bit of chor to start / flysit is good / 3s under rot fell / combo spin is excellent great pos & speed / strt ftwrk is fast, with music and shows multiple levels / 2a / ftwrk 2f / cam ch cam - pos on both a little waek - needs more extension / 25.20 /

14 Brandon Prete SK
Black sweater & pants with mauve diamond pattern across chest / big band / some chor to start / 2a / little bit of slip during transistion chor / cam ch cam is pretty good / 3t stepout hands down / combo spin starts with camel ends in xfoot that he almost fell out of / ftwrk 2f / diag ftwrk looks like a misstep or he forgot a step near the beginning / flysit is ok / 22.41 /

15 Braden Davie SK
Black - top has white collar & cuffs / time to say goodbye / back cam starts combo spin with xfoot ch outside edge upright that was a little shakey / 2a landed on toe hopped then knees and both hands down / cam ch cam was very weak & slow / 2z hand down fell / huge fly on flysit - spin was slow / ftwrk 2f / strt ftwrk didn't quite keep up with the music / he needs to work on his posture / 18.09 /

16 Ronald Lam BC/YT
Black with bonze appliqué on chest and one arm / a bit of chor / easy 2a / 3z2t / flysit with good fly spin was good except it slowed at the end / ftwrk 2f / cam ch cam needs more extension and speed / diag ftwrk is fast and with music - complex / combo spin starts with a camel that looks much better than the one in cam ch cam nice xfoot in there / 35.91 /

17 Ben Koenderink NO
Black with spider web in gold on top / 2a / 3t2t forward on landing / cam ch cam a little slow with quite good extension / ftwrk 2f / flysit trouble on landing but managed to eek out the spin on one foot / diag ftwrk is ok - / combo spin is a little slow until a really nice fast xfoot ended it / 23.78 /