1 Andrei Rogozine CO
White cowboy effect with red trim / some chor to opening dramatic music / 3l fell into boards / some chor into cam ch cam to donut - good speed nice extension / ftwrk 2f / flysit with ok fly lost the spin after about 3 revs / spread eagle 2a / back cam with inside edge starts a good comobo spin / strt ftwrk is complex and with the music / he moves quite fast / 25.07 /

2 Paul Poirier CO
Grey & blue wavy design on tshirt top (very similar to Jeff' buttle's shirt from a couple of years ago) some neat dancing to start the pgm into a high flysit good tuck very nice spin / ftwrk 2f / back cam has good speed & excellent extension as does the front / singlied the lutz / strt ftwrk is imaginative and right with music bit of slip ¾ of the way through / 2a / back cam starts a very nice combo spin ending in xfoot / 28.99 /

3 Patrick Goodman EO
Black shirt & pants silver belt / nice ina 3s fell / 2a might have had ahand touch down it was close / back cam nice exten & xfoot on back half of combo spin - front was weaker / ftwrk 2f fell / cam ch cam pretty good pos a little slow / strt steps move quickly maybe a bit simple / flysit fly was soso bit of trouble on landing and spin was very slow / 19.06 /

4 Raphael Yacobi-Harris CO
Black shirt & pants (he's black or part black) some chor to start / 3f2t / strt ftwrk ends in a very fast set of twizzles - nicely done / singled axel / cam ch cam very good speed and quite good extension / ftwrk 2f / flysit has ok fly needs more tuck spin was slow / combo spin is fast & centered good pos / 29.05 /

5 Louis-Philippe Sirois QC
Orange & black shirt primarily orange / high 2a / fever / spread eagle 3s2t not really steady but clean / flysit has good fly nice spin / ftwrk 2f / back cam starts a nice combination spin / strt ftwrk is musical and moves well - complex / cam ch cam good speed quite good extension / 33.66 /

6 Paul Parkinson EO
Dark blue with shiny light blue stripes down legs and arms / he's short but has a long body and short legs / some chor right with music to start - works well / 3s2t / cam ch cam with flyover has very nice extension and very good speed / ftwrk 2f / back cam starts combo spin nice low sit pos - good speed / strt ftwrk seems very simple - flows well / spreadeagle 2a / flysit with with great tuck & fly - quite good spin - might havfe lost it a little on the end / 29.95 /

7 Pierre-Luc Gagnon QC
Black shirt & pants with bit of gold design on shirt / some chor to start / cam ch cam is a little slow and could use more extension / 1a / nice flow & edges / 3s2t / cam starts combo spin - better than in prev spin - rest of the spin is really nice / ftwrk 2f / flysit has ok fly good spin / strt ftwrk includes Arabian - fairly complex - not as smooth as I think it should be / 28.91 / currently in 5th /

8 Samuel Morais QC
White shirt with gold sparkle / 2a / flysit has good fly low pos - good spin / 3s2t / back cam starts combo spin - weak camel - rest of spin is quite good / ftwrk 2f / strt ftwrk is ok - bit simple maybe / cam ch cam need more extension and back slowed down drastically - didn't think he'd hang on for the full # of revs / 28.85 currently 6th /

9 Benjamin Tidy QC
Red shirt with black vest effect on front black pants / big band / some chor to start / high 2a - nice & smooth / 3s2t not really stady but clean / cam ch cam fast with good extension - had a bit of a slip on the back half & it slows down - he saved it though / diag ftwrk expresses the music well - complex / ftwrk 2f / back cam starts the combo spin - well done / nice fly on flysit - fast low spin / there's little bits of chor throughout the program - he moves quite well / 29.73 currently in 3rd /

10 Vincent Roy QC
Shine silvery vest front over white shirt black pants / sing sing sing / some chor to start / 3t leaning going up fell / ftwk 2f with arms overhead / cam ch cam needs some more extension & speed / strt ftwrk seemed a bit empty - moved well / didn't se ethe fly on flysit spin was good / 2a you could see it going up crooked fell on side / combo spin is good - travelled at the end / 21.02 /

11 Charles Dion QC
Black catsuit wears glasses / 3t2t / flysit good fly nice spin / 2a little loose in the air / cam ch cam started with beautiful forward spin and lost it on the back / diag steps are with music and complex but too slow across ice / bit of a trip doing nothing / ftwrk 2f / comb spin is good / 27.09 /

12 Anthony Furiano EO
Black with gold band around chest and down short sleeves / some chor to start / 2a / cam ch cam is a bit slow and needs a little more extension / flysit didn't fly - nice spin / 2z turns 2t that was under rot / ftwrk 2f / strt ftwrk is ok - a little slow / actually his skating in general is a little slow / combo spin is ok / 20.36 /

13 David Leenen EO
Navy blue with white fluttery bit across upper back and down arms / the mission I think / nice high 2a great distance / combo spin is fast with great variations but almost is too fast for the music at that point / 2s turns out free foot down and then tried to do 2t / flysit is good / diag ftwrk is ok / he's almost too powerful a skater for this music - he's overpowering it and not really skating to it except for the first bit of opening chor / ftwrk 2f / I missed the last spin while writing the above / 27.45 /

14 Jackson Wood NB
Black grey & white wavy pattern on top / some dancing to start / nice 2a / travelling 3's into 3l rotated but fell / cam ch cam very good speed and nice extension / ftwrk 2f had it then skidded a bit but think ok / combo spin starts back and ends in nice fast xfoot - quite good spin / strt ftwrk is quite ok / he's quite light on his feet and flows / flysit to end is good - nice fly / 27.11 /

15 Mathieu Chassé QC
Dark grey shirt white tie / bluesy music and some nice chor to match / 3s not sure if rot landed on 2 feet / 2a / cam ch cam has lovely extension maybe a little slow / flysit needs a little more tuck good spin / ftwrk 2f / strt ftwrk had a stumble about 1/3 way in - expressed the music well / back cam to donut starts the combo spin - front a little slow - back very good / ened a fair bit after his music / 21.32 currently 12th /

16 Asher Hill CO
Brown with various shades on top (he's black) / cam ch cam with great extension and variations to donut on 2nd half / 2a / 3l went up leaning fell / huge flysit with great tuck landing a little rough but clean / back cam starts a very fast combo spin that ends in a biellman / ftwrk 2f / he has some great qualitites to his skating / diag steps are with the music and complex / there's bits of chor throughout / 30.36 /

17 Nicolas Fouquet QC
Paisley like pattern on navy shirt / some dancing at start to swing music / 2z2t / 2a / back cam starts combo spin - nice extension - rest of spin is good / ftwrk 2f / reverse jumper / flysit good fly & spin / strt ftwrk shows good edges and moves well with the music / cam ch cam good extension on both - speed was good on front bit slow on back / 25.36 currently 12th /