1 Rudi Swiegers SK
White shirt with suspenders grey pants / ragtime piano / some chor to start / 3t2t / very lighthearted feel to the program / O ftwrk in char of music / combo spin is well done with a slight check on the camel pos / ftwrk 2f Step out / sit spin is low / 1a / flycam with good extension / strt steps are ok / 34.57 /

2 Adam Johnson WO
Red, yellow & white geometric pattern on shirt / 2a / flycam with good speed and bit of layover pos / 3s almost hand down 2t / S ftwrk is well done / ftwrk back pick jump didn't get off ice / sitspin with very good pos variations / strt ftwrk is ok / back camel to start combo spin good basic positions / generally his skating is on the slow side / 34.51 currently 2nd /

3 Andrew Lum BC/YT
Red satin shirt blck pants / bethovans 5th / some chor to start / 3z step out hand down / ftwrk 2f / flycam is fast with nice pos variations & good extension / strt steps are fast and use whole body well done / 2a / back sit is fast with variations as is the front sit / O ftwrk is complex and uses different levels / back cam starts the combo spin that was fast and good pos / his general skating is fast and effortless / 40.19 currently 1st /

4 Ehren Jaleel AB/NT/NU
Embroidered red bolero over cream shirt / a bit of chor to start / in to lovely spiral / 2a / 3z2t / back sit ch sit with variations on both front & back good pos speed a little slow / O ftwrk is with music / ftwrk pause 3f / strt steps are good / butterfly camel with layover and donut - fly could fly more / combo spin is good - nice extension on free leg on camel as was it with the flycam / 45.07 currently 1st /

5 Patrick Wong BC/YT
Lime green shirt with bright blue geomertric lines, bright blue pants / some chor to start right into strt ftwrk that is complex and with the music / 3z fell - might have been under rot / spread eagle ftwrk 2f / back sit is fast & low ch sit also fast & low with variations / 2a stepout hand down / flycam with variations to donut - none of the pos were really strong / O ftwrk was right with the cadence of the music and ha dmultiple levels - well done / combo spin is good ending in xfoot / 39.60 currently 3rd /

6 Dustin Aucoin AB/NT/NU
Red shirt black pants / 2f not much ftwrk into it / 3s flipped off edge hand down / combo spin is fast and centered on all pos - nice pos - well done / 2a turnout / music is softer now and some nice chor / strt steps work with music that is building a bit / sit ch sit very nice on 1st a little weaker on 2nd but spin is fast throughout / O ftwrk is ok / flycam with bit of layover is very well down / 34.16 currently 6th /

7 Jeremy Ten BC/YT
Mainly purple velour with lighter purple and orange diag fabric on top / dramatic opening music and chor to match / 3z 1t / ftwrk 3f / flycam didn't have much fly but the spin with a full layover pos was very nice - good speed / sit ch sit with good low pow and variations - speed was good but he did a faster one in warm-up / strait steps express the music / O ftwrk - circle is huge and chor to the music - variations of levels / ina into 2a / combo spin to end is very good - didn't see the start to see if there was a camel pos to start or what it looked like / 48.94 currently 1st /

8 Mitchell Wallace BC/YT
Black tshirt with logo on front / 2a / 3t2t / fell doing nothing I think / combo spin is quite good ending in xfoot / ftwrk 2f / O ftwrk is kind of slow but complex / flycam has lovely extended position / diag steps again express the music / back sit ch sit has good low pos and decent speed / finished after his music / he still sufferes somewhat from plank hands & airplane arms / 34.68 currently ? /

9 Evan Gammon WO
Black with multi colours down one side & sleeve / ftwrk 3f / pick slipped on z and he popped it / O ftwrk is a lot slower than the music would suggest it should be / sit ch sit is a bit slow but good pos / 2as / flycam with extellent extention to hatchfoot / O ftwrk is fairly complex and seems to be with the music / combo spin to end is nicely done / 37.37 currently ? /

10 Robert Schultz WO
Red hed wearing red shirt with black collar & black pants / Spanish guitar / 3t2t / ftwrk 2f really ugly fall on both hands with legs spread / didn't really see the camel spin / O ftwrk moves fast but seemed a little emply / combo spin included very nice sit pos and xfoot / 2a - very deliberate into it / strt steps move well on the simple side / back sit ch sit is well done - basic pos only / 37.45 /

11 Jesse Smith AB/NT/NU
Navy satin shirt with lighter insets navy velour pants / 2a / 3z fell / fly cam with gorgeous pos to donut without dropping hip / ftwrk 2f / O ftwrk is well done & flows - seemed a bit simple / sit ch sit with great pos and edges - good speed / strt ftwrk is ok - seemed to slow down a fair bit / combo spin is very good / he's a little stiff in his skating and doesn't show the speed in his program that he does in warm-up / 34.22 /

12 Justin Junior WO
Black tunic top over white shirt / moonlight sonata - beethovan's last night / some chor to start / 3z hard sliding fall / ftwrk 2f / diag ftwrk flows with driving music / he's using his music / flycam good speed & pos - could use more extension / 2a / back sit ch sit with variations - good speed until last pos / O ftwrk work with music - a bit too much arm flailing for me / combo spin has some good pos & speed / 36.99 /

13 Jonathan Gugulyn AB/NT/NU
Black leather pants & black glittery tshirt / some chor to start / he has a nice easy flow to his skating / 3z leaning landed on 2 feet - nice air pos though / 3f pushed out the landing with determination / O ftwrk is fast & complex - might have been a slip near the beginning / spread eagle into 2a / combo spin starts with a beautifully extended camel and ends with a nice xfoot / flycam is fast with great pos / diag steps are with music and some unique moves & good edges / back sit ch sit is weak compared to the sit in his combo spin, but still a fairly good spin / 43.74 /

14 Matthew Penasse NO
Dark navy blue with sheen to the top / some neat one-foot chor to start / popped toe to a double then might have done something else that I didn't see while looking down writing / ftwrk 2f / back twisted sit ch sit - good speed pos & variations / O ftwrk had somplex moves in it but there seems to be a number slight balance checks / 1a / flycam has nice extension / diag steps are ok / combo spin kind of got stuck on the 2nd half at the end of the sit going into the xfoot but he managed to get a few revs of xfoot in / 27.05 /

10 Chad Mathieu NO
His skates were one of the missing ones so they let him skate last because they just showed up / some nice jazzy chor to start - sets the mood / pick slipped on lutz didn't get off the ice / 3f fell but rotated / didn't see the start of the camel spin / sit ch sit is good with variations - maybe a little slow / O ftwrk is chor'd to music and fairly complex / 2a / strt steps timed right to the music uses whole body - nicely done / combo spin is quite good - some nice pos & good speed / 36.26 /

Standings after short

1. 48.94 Jeremy Ten BC
2. 45.07 Ehren Jaleel AB
3. 43.73 Jonathan Gugulyn AB
4. 40.19 Andrew Lum BC
5. 39.60 Patrick Wong BC
6. 37.45 Robert Schultz WO
7. 37.37 Evan Gammon WO
8. 36.99 Justin Junior WO
9. 36.26 Chad Mathieu NO
10. 34.68 Mitchell Wallace BC
11. 34.57 Rudi Swiegers SK
12. 34.51 Adam Johnson WO
13. 34.22 Jesse Smith AB
14. 34.16 Dustin Aucoin AB
15. 27.05 Matthew Penasse NO