1 William Pollock AB/NT/NU
White satin shirt black pants / 2a lean landed on toe hand down / 2z nice / combo spin nice camel pos nd xfoot to end / 3?s under rot 2foot / cam ch cam has good extension bit slow / 2a2t might have under rot on toe / 2z2t / 2s / diag steps seemed to have a lot of 2ft skating / 2f1l1l not really sure / death drop with good sit then ends in xfoot / at times his skating is really nice & smooth / gr tot 67.66 /

2 Braden Davie SK
Dark maroon shirt black pants / 2a with a big smile / 2z 2t toe went up crooked and bailed / 2f I think / flysit trouble on landing and spin was really slow but he managed to do it / 2l / music is flowing now and he's working to express it / 2s / 2a had it then fell / back sit ch sit - pos needs to be lower / 1-1/2 z landed forward on 2 feet / strt steps / missed the next bit of his pgm with people arriving / combo spin to end is very slow and pos are quite weak / gr tot 53.87 / currently 2nd /

3 Brandon Prete SK
Black with red sequins around his neck in a v shape / some chor to start / 3t flipped off landing - nice in air / 2a bailed in air / 3s hand down tight landing but I think it was rot / diag steps bit of a slip I think in the middle / 3t / 2? Think a loop / spin that I didn't really see - lots of people coming in past me right now / music slows and we have some chor - not bad / 2a step out / another spin that I didn't really see / 2f / flysit with nice tuck & quite good spin with variations / 2z / on his more confident jumps he has really nice air position - needs to work on his connection with the music / 67.84 currently 1st overall /

4 Matthew Stibbard AB/NT/NU
Black pants & shirt / walley 2z2t / very slow into 2a slid off edge a bit going into to and bailed / spin that I didn't really see / 2f / sal didn't get off the ice / combo spin ending in nice xfoot (can you tell I like a good xfoot) / 2z / 2a1t1l / I missed something here and I don't quite know what - sorry / diag steps / 1a / one pos combo spin upright then xfoot / 59.95 currently 3rd overall /

5 Darcy Lillie NO
Cream shirt dark pants / some chor to start / 2s / 2z1t / strt steps to light music and they really match it well - nicely done / combo spin is soso / 1a / 1l - didn't get off ice / sit spin with variations is kind of weak on the spin - pos are ok / 1f turns hop 2t / there's very little conection to the music / 1z / 2f / flysit ch sit has good fly spin a little ragged / 51.80 currently 5th /

6 Braeden Donaldson BC/YT
Dusty blue shirt with white 'cowboy' fringe / some cute chor to start to set off the western theme / 2z2t with a turnout / combo spin with fast low sit pos and xfoot / 2z / and some fun chor to pop goes the weasel / 2f2l hand down on the loop / 2l step out / death drop is very nice with variations on the spin / 3s fell / 2f / strt steps are with music and fast in char - nice / spread eagle 2a / sit ch sit is far & low / chor into 1a to end the program / that was a great program - not all the jumps were there but it was chor'd to the music from start to finish and he expressed it very well - had fun with it / 71.42 currently 1st /

7 Ben Koenderink NO
Brown top with black inset at vneck / dark music - quite the contrast to the previous pgm / 2a2t nicely done / 3t leaning step out / 2z / 2f / flysit - lost it on the landing hands down / 3t2t / 2a / strt steps are ok / 2l / combo spin is ok ending in xfoot / 2s bit quick down with the free leg / combo spin is a bit rough in positions except the ending xfoot was very good / gr tot 71.18 currently 2nd /

8 Jason Cheperdak BC/YT
Black pants and top with white sleeves & collar / combo spin is very good - got a little slow on the back / 3s under rot 2foot / turnandot / I missed a jump / 1a / 2z2t / 2f2t / sit ch sit with variations / strt steps are with the music but don't build quite as much as the music does / inz 2l 2l landed on 2 feet on the 2nd loop / side split spiral / 2z / spread eagle inz on the crescendo of music / 2l I think / flycam spin into catch foot - great extension on the camel / he's very smooth across the ice / 70.19 currently 3rd /

9 Robbie Harrison BC/YT
Black with mandarin style top / some chor to start - nicely done / 3l2l hopped on landing of 2nd jump / 2f / combo spin start back very good speed excellent sit pos & fast xfoot to end - starting camel was weakest part of spin / 2a then ? then 2l - bit of a mess / 3l hand down not sure if rot / 3s turnout 2ft / walley walley 2z / back sit ch sit is fast & low / S ftwrk is very dramatic & with music bit of a slip at one point / 3s landed on 2fett / 2a landed weirdly on 2feet / flysit had excellent fly but not sure if enough revs before music ended and/or if there was a time deduction / I think he started getting panicy about ½ way through the program / gr tot 67.76 currently 5th I think /

10 Ian Beharry WO
Dark red & black top / 2a / 3s / 2z / then I missed something / 2f / 1a with arms overhead / 3s2t / combo spin starts with nicely extended camel, then a good sit and ended in a slow xfoot but it wasn't stuck - it was like it was intentionally slow / 2a fell / back upright to openleg to xfoot ch open leg / 2s ? not sure didn't see it / 75.13 currently 1st overall /

11 Sasha Wells AB/NT/NU
Black one piece with diag red on top and one sleeve / 2a / 3s step out / 3t fell / some nice chor / travel 3's into 3l not quite clean on landing but may be was rot / think I missed a 2t2t but not sure could have been 2f2t / strt ftwrk is fairly complex but a little slow / ina 2s2t / 1a2t / combo spin was very slow and he lost it part was through and never really recoved / gr tot 69.7 currently 5th /

12 Mervin Tran SK
White shirt with epaulats / some chor to start / 3t2t fell / 2z nice air pos / 3s tight landing hand and foot down / flysit with good fly spin has good pos a bit slow / 2a / 3l hand down on tight landing / 3t both hands down probably under rot / strt ftwrk is fairly good but not dynamic enough for the music / combo spin is slow - centered with quite good pos / 3s fell / spread eagle 2a / finished after his music / he slowed down a lot in the 2nd half of the program and stopped expressing his music / gr tot 71.86 currently 2nd overall /

13 Michael Marinaro WO
Dark red velour tunic type top with black sleeves / some nice opening moves / 2a2t nice speed in and out of the axel / 2z2t / 3t titled step out / flysit with nice mushroom positions / 2f / 3s hand down wild free leg / 2a / back upright xfoot ch upright with outside edge / 3t nice turns 2s / strt ftwrk is musical with nice edges / spread eagle 2l / back camel trouble centering it but then got it back for the rest of the combo spin / 81.48 currently 1st overall /

14 David Shoults AB/NT/NU
Black & grey striped shirt / some chor to start / 2a tilted in air good job landing it 1t / 3s is nice / 2z / back sit ch sit nicely centered good speed ok pos / 2a titled again / 3t really titled fell / deathdrop to sit with edge change / diag ftwrk is fairly complex and quite musical / 3s1t / 2f / 2l / back cam that needs more extension starts an otherwise very good combo spin / 79.47 currently 2nd overall /

15 Charles Morris WO
Red cross-over vest effect with gold design on back cream shirt / 2a2t nicely done - light landing / 3s tilted fell / lovely extended camel spin starts the combo sith a flyover to back sit then xfoot / 1a / walley walley 1z / death drop with nice air pos to low sit / there's a nice quality to his skating / 2f2l I think / 2a turnout stepout / nice spiral / 2s / strt ftwrk is ok - fairly complex but no real relation to music / 2l / back camel with catchfoot to end / gr tot 74.00 currently 4th overall /

16 Ronald Lam BC/YT
Brown vest & pants with cream shirt - lots of gold appliqué work / 3l tilted fell / 3z really titled fell / 2a forward on landing but clean 2t / some chor / ftwrk 3t not sure if hand actually hit the ice / back camel sit xfoot ch sit upright - 1st half of spin was ok 2nd weak / a bit of chor to slower music / 2f / 3s hand down / very slow sit spin - didn't see if a fly or not / 3t really tilted fell not sure if rot / strt ftwrk is slow and not much enthusiasin / 2a clean but a bit squeaky / xfoot ch upright to end / 90.05 currently 1st /

17 Brandon Armstrong WO
Black with bronze on one side of chest and sleeve / 3z2t very nice / 2f / 3l hand down / flysit / music is building and so is his speed / 1a turns 2t / 3s / some chor / strt ftwrk is very slow expresses the music and probably difficult but too slow / 2l / 2f / sit ch sit with nic low pos & variation but slow / 3t is nice / back cam start combo spin - camel looked really nice but only saw about 2 revs of it - rest of spin was good / gr tot 91.13 currently 1st overall /