1 Patrick Goodman EO
Black shirt & pants white tie / buesy music / ina 3s turnout foot down / 2a2t not really pretty but clean / 3t under rot fell / untouchables I think / spin combo including xfoot / 2z1t again not really pretty / back camel lost it but managed to get in a xfoot - most of spin missing I think / 2l / 2l / there isn't a lot of connection to the music / 2a fell / very nice back xfoot that sped up ch upright variation / strt steps flow fairly well / 2z pick didn't go in right landed on 2 feet under rot / gr tot 53.15 /

2 Vincent Roy QC
White blousy shirt with red sash at waist black pants / pirates I think / 2a tilted fell / fly forward sit good fly & tuck spin had good pos but slow / 2 or was it a 3 toe think it was only a double / 2z / 1a skidded takeoff / back sit ch sit good pos again a little slow / 3s hard sideways fall / 2f with arms overhead / O ftwrk - now he's connecting with the music - ftwrk was fairly complex / 1z / sal didn't get off ice / combo spin has fast front sit and back sit is faster than any of the other spins / gr tot 54.17 currently 1st /

3 Anthony Furiano EO
Black with turquoise on under side of sleeves and down sides / sombre music and some chor & posing in front of the judges / 2f / he's using his music / very slow into 2a not a pretty landing 1t then ? / 2a / combo spin with good sit on front ok on back / music lightens up and so does his skating / 2z2t (toe axel I think) / 2s / 1a / think it was meant to be a flip bad pick and bailed / trouble centering what I think was supposed to be a sit spin / strt ftwrk - he seemed to lose enthusisism half way through / I missed a jump combo / spin to end with nice mushroom pos / gr tot 57.15 currently 1st /

4 Andrei Rogozine CO
Black with dull gold on most of top red on one sleeve / some very dramatic opening chor to very dramatic music - well done / 3l went up leaning not sure if he actually fell but landed it on 2 feet / 2z / 3t is nice / back cam to donut is fast with quite good extension / lovely ina on crescendo of music into spread eagle into a jump I didn't see that was very nice in air / 3s2t / 3s / back camel needs a bit more extension nice sit & upright / there's lots of chor in this program and he's expressing it very well / O ftwrk is light and fast like the music / split jump 1l / bit of Moroz ftwrk / 2a2t and into a spin to end the pgm / gr tot 83.83 currently 1st /

5 Mathieu Chassé QC
Black shirt & pants / a bit of chor to start and I know this music / 2a2t fell on toe / huge death drop to very fast sit spin - nice pos / 2z / 3s leaning fell / 3s leaning again same as 1st one fell / back sit ch sit is very good - pos maybe could be lower but he's got very long legs / nice spiral / 2l2l / 2f / 2s2t / strt steps with a slip in the middle - music is getting faster and he's not keeping up with it / 2a hand down / combo spin is very slow - some nice pos / gr tot 59.41 currently 2nd /

6 Samuel Morais QC
Black with yellow outline of belt and design down one arm & leg / 3s2t / 3f fell not sure if rot / was that a 3z that he fell on think so / combo spin with nice upright open leg pos front and back / 3t hop hop 2a step out / 3s / openleg to xfoot ch upright / 3t / bit of a slip at start of strt ftwrk rest of it was good / at times there's real connection to music / 2z / 2a / flysit fly is ok spin has nice pos in sit then upright / gr tot 88.64 currently 1st /

7 Charles Dion QC
Navy & dull gold roman time military style tunic top / some chor to start / 3t low landing held it for a minute then step out / 2a went up on a bad lean fell / 3t turnout 2t / some chor as music slows and softens / 2z is nice / he has nice tight air pos and soft landings on the jumps he does well / 3s I think step out / some nice expressive chor / sit spin - didn't see start of it - nice pos & speed / 2a / spread eagle is nice / back sit with inside edge ch sit to broken leg - very nice spin / strt ftwrk is right with music and complex good flow until right at the end / ftwrk 2f turns 2s / 2l / back cam sit upright ch sit upright - quite good spin / gr tot 77.45 currently 3rd /

8 Jackson Wood NB
Black vest & pants white shirt with elbow length sleeves / swing / some chor to start / it's take 5 / 3s2t 1t / travel 3's into loop that didn't get off ice / flysit needs more tuck - good spin / 3t2t / another one with nice air position / 2f / there's some nice chor touches in the program / 2a saved it with a soft knee / sit ch sit quite good pos and speed / strt ftwrk is ok with music / bad pick on lutz didn't go anywhere / 3s is nice / and his shirt is coming untucked on one side / 2f2l don't know how he got the 2nd jump off with the landing on the 1st - it was clean but awkward / nice spin to end the program / gr tot 82.68 currently 3rd /

9 Nicolas Fouquet QC
Black turtle neck with green & silver design down one side from shoulder right through leg / some chor to start / 2a might hand had a light hand down / 2z2t1l / a bit of chor as the music changes - he's paying attention to it / 2a pitched forward 2t fell / another jump I didn't really see / nice combo spin / toe didn't get off the ice / some chor / 2z / spread eagle ina / 2f / back cam sit openleg xfoot ch sit upright - pretty good spin / little slip right at start of ftwrk - not bad / 2l / back openleg xfoot ch upright with edge / he's got a fairly good ease and flow to his skating and listens to his music / gr tot 68.54 currently 5th /

10 David Leenen EO
Dark brown pants lighter top with sash over one shoulder / some chor to start to slower music / huge 2a / bad slip almost fall doing a bit of chor / 3s stepout / fast sit spin with variations to upright / music oftens and gentles but no real chor for it / spread eagle 2a turnout 2t / 3s slid off edge fell / back cam starts the combo spin / strt ftwrk is ok - with music / 2 f / 2z turns 2s / 1f / 2l step out / back open leg ch upright / 75.26 currently 5th /

11 Pierre-Luc Gagnon QC
Dark grey shirt black pants / 3s2t bailed out of toe early on 2 feet / 3f fell not sure if rot / 2a opened in air to single then something I didn't see / combo spin gets very slow on back sit nice xfoot to end / 3t turnout / 2z / 2s pitched forward turnout / 2a / back sit with twisted variations ch sit - got slow near end / strt ftwrk as music builds his ftwrk kind did but not as much as music / 2s intented to be 3 but opene dup / spin that I only saw the ending xfoot pos / 2l / gr tot 79.03 currently 4th /

12 Paul Parkinson EO
Black with silver arms and stripe down legs / 2a2t nicely done good speed in and out / big flycam to fast sit spin / 3s pitched a bit forward 2t / music is fast and dynamic and his style is too at this point / popped z / strt ftwrk with Arabian that didn't land right / music is soft & slow now and he expressed and as it's bulding so is he / 2l1t1l / he's got nice flow / 3t fell / back cam with edge to sit to forward sit to xfoot / ina / 3s fell / 2a / 2s / back fast upright scratch change to forwad but not much spin on forward / gr tot 81.31 currently 4th

13 Paul Poirier CO
Brown pants with light top with brocaide design across upper chest and winding around body / some nice chor to start that uses whole body / back cam ch cam nice spin - quite good extension / 3f was huge - maybe too huge both hands down / 2a is huge as is next jump that didn't quite get but it had hands down / some expressive chor / popped z / 3s / all his jumps are huge / 3l fell / butterfly camel nice extension / 3t2t / 3s hand down turnout / split jump starts very dancy & complex O ftwrk using whole body / travelling 3s into back camel to start combo spin very well done / boy that went by so fast - he's a very dancey expressive skater with great flow & edges / gr tot 94.51 currently 1st

14 Benjamin Tidy QC
Black with white under and down one arm red on the other with gold design on other side / dramatic opening moves / 2a2t2? / 3t hand down / flying upright spin - can't quite describe it / 2t I think / 2l / some chor / 3s 2t / 2f landed weird at a dead stop / there's bit of chor throughout / 2a / strt steps twizzle that went on forever - expresses music / back cam sit openleg ch sit upright - back half was good front a little slow / 1s / back sit that he lost centre on and tried to get it back - he sort of did but not sure how it will be marked / gr tot 82.01 currently 5th /

15 Asher Hill CO
Dark brown pants & vest with bright turquoise shirt / some expressive opening chor / 3l / 3z flipped out / 2a with a gorgeous soft landing and runout / some neat chor using whole body / 2s / back camel with extension to die for to sit to upright that travelled ch upright beillman / 2z2t / travelling back 3's into flying back sit - never seen that before / 3t I think / 2a turnsout 2t / diag ftwrk are expressive use whole body and right with music - well done / easy side split spiral / I think a 2f2t not sure / sit ch sit with variations is nicely done / gr tot 89.93 currently 2nd /

16 Raphael Yacobi-Harris CO
White shirt black gloves black pants / 3f hand maybe long enough then fell / 3z is huge low landing hand down / 2s landed weird on 2feet / some chor standing in one spot infront of judges / very nice sit spin with variations / axel didn't go up right landed on 2 feel / 3t2t forward on landing of both / combo spin is excellent centered until right at end and fast with good pos / 3t / 2l / strt ftwrk is with the music but not really musical if that makes any sense / spin to end / after the last few skaters being so in touch with their music, he had it for part of the program but it seemed lacking in places / gr tot ?8.45 currently 8th /

17 Louis-Philippe Sirois QC
Dark vest & pants with gold trim on vest white shirt / 3s2t2l / 3z fell / ch upright spin with variations almost lost it on the change / strt ftwrk is expressive & with music / 3s is nice / as time goes by - brave boy / 2a / 2z / back cam leg was weak rest of spin ok / 3t / a bit of chor now / 2f turns 2t / 2a2t / he has nice air pos / flysit with twisted pos / that went by really fast and I didn't write very much, but it was an enjoyable program / gr tot 101.00 1st place /

Final standings (copied from sheet) points are shown above
1. Louis-Philipp Sirois
2. Paul Poirier
3. Asher Hill
4. Samuel Morais
5. Andrei Rogozine
6. Jackson Wood
7. Benjamin Tidy
8. Paul Parkinson
9. Raphael Yacobi-Harris
10. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
11. Charles Dion
12. David Leenen
13. Nicolas Fouquet
14. Mathieu Chasse
15. Anthony Furiano
16. Vincent Roy
17. Ptrick Goodman