1 Matthew Penasse NO
Black shirt & pants with bit of red at collar of shirt / 3t2t / back hydro blade 2a 2t / 2z / death drop to twisted sit with variations / 3s fell hard long time getting up - don't know if he hurt himself or not / back camel twisted sit open leg ch - nice spin / strt ftwrk is slowish but expresses music / 2a / sal didn't get off ice / back xfoot / 2a / 3t / O ftwrk and I think he forgot part of it and then had a problem going into final pose / gr tot 87.67 /

2 Jesse Smith AB/NT/NU
Shades of teal & white in diag pattern on top - gorgeous colours
Some chor to start / 2a / 1z / 3s2t2l / loop didn't get off ice / sit to inside edge ch sit to inside edge - very nice fast spin with great pos & centering / 2t / O ftwrk is expressive of music & flows - maybe a little simple / flysit? Not sure just saw the spin / 1z / 3s turnout - stepout / 3t2t / strt steps aren't dynamic enough for the music / combo spin to end is excellent / he's still skating much slower in competition than in warm-up / gr tot 105.43 currently 1st /

3 Dustin Aucoin AB/NT/NU
Brown leather pants in design down the leg black top with brown inset / some chor to start - a bit scratchy / 3f fell think it was rotated / 2s / death drop to ch sit - good pos & ok speed / 3s tilted hand down / 2a landed forward on 2 feet / I might have missed something / sit ch sit / 2z2t / 2f / diag steps are ok / sal didn't really get off ice / O ftwrk isn't keeping up with music / 2a2t / he started slowing down about ½ way through and lost his connection to the music / very nice combo spin to end / gr tot 93.85 currently 2nd /

4 Rudi Swiegers SK
Black pants top is black with white patch on front and opposite side on back / a bit of chor to start / 3t not really pretty landing but clean / 3s hand down / back sit to inside edge ch sit with variation / ftwrk 2f / O ftwrk / death drop fell on both hands on landing / music is phantom / 3s hand down / hydro blade moves / some chor into 2a stumbled out / 3t slid off edge fell / strt ftwrk moves well maybe a little simple / 2z / spread eagle 2l / combo spin to end is very nice / a tough skate / gr tot 93.01 curerntly 3rd /

5 Adam Johnson WO
Shades of yellow orange & brown shirt, borwn pants / 2a / 3l under rot felll / fly forward sit good pos but slow / 3t way under rot fell hard on side / 2s / 2z2t / 2l pushed out landing / O ftwrk is quite complex well done / 2f I think / back upright to xfoot ch outside edge / 2a leaning both hands down / back combo spin at the end it spun the other way - interesting / gr tot 86.52 currently 5th /

6 Mitchell Wallace BC/YT
Black shirt & pants / some chor to start / I just missed a jump that was landed / 2l / camel with nice extension starts a onefoot combo spin rest of pos were good too / bailed on toe / deathdrop is big to a fast low sit spin / diag steps are with music - quite well done / 2a landed oninside edge step out hand down / O ftwrk is edgy & with music but kind of slow / back hydro blade spiral / 2z / 3s rotated but landed on toe and hand down / popped flip / spread eagle / 3t went up really bad fell short rot / didn't really see the spin that ended the program / 89.49 currently 4th /

7 Justin Junior WO
Black mandarin style top with red at cuffs and red sash - kanji? charater on back / 3z fell / flysit / a bit of chor / 3t / strt ftwrk is with music but quite slow / 3s / 3l fell right at boards / combo spin is quite good / 3z think it was rotated step out / O ftwrk moves quite well / 3t pitched forward / 2a hand down / 2a1t with weird landing / sit ch sit with variations is quite good / there isn't a lot of choreography in this program and it seemed very long / gr tot 105.89 currently 1st /

8 Robert Schultz WO
Shades of brown & beige top / not quite sure of what the jump was - he fell / 3s / 3t / death drop is good / 3t2t / back sit ch sit pos on front could be lower - back is very good / not sure of jump / 2l with a very long set up / and I just missed another jump - must be getting tired or maybe it's just that I'm freezing to death in this rink / 3t / music is bohemian rhapsody / strt steps don't quite keep up with music / 2a free foot brushed going through then a 2t I think / I missed the last spin / gr tot 111.88 currently 1st /

9 Evan Gammon WO
White at shoulders shading to dark purple at waist & dark purple pants / some chor to start / 3f is nice / deathdrop to fast spin with good variations / 3s / so far there's been very little setup for his jumps / lutz didn't get off ice / 3l / bit of trip at the start of his O ftwrk / 3t / back sit ch sit with variations / turandot again / 3f2t not sure if completely clean on flip / 3s2t / diag ftwrk as music is building it's good ftwrk but doesn't really match what the music is doing / 2a / combo spin is very nice - great extension on camel pos / gr tot 126.82 currently 1st /

10 Chad Mathieu NO
Black military style with gold trim & pale sleeves / some chor to start / 3z rotated but fell / 2a is nice / 3t pitched forward / strt steps are fairly good / 3s / combo spin camel needs more extension, really slowed down / music change and some chor - quite nice / 2l / back sit ch sit with pos cariastions / popped z / 3t2t / O ftwrk moves quite fast - bit of slip near the end / 2a / deather drop to end the program / gr tot 106.45 currently 3rd /

11 Jonathan Gugulyn AB/NT/NU
Black pants with shiny design on one leg shirt is black at top and red at bottom flame effect / Spanish guitar / 3s / a bit of chor / 3f2t / he's got lovely air position and nice soft knees on his landing / fast sit ch sit to xfoot - didin't see the beginning of the spin / 3z forward on landing but clean 2t / O ftwrk is very twistly and with music - complex / a bit of chor as music softens / 2f / nice spread eagle / 3l / back sit with inside edge ch sit with variation / there's bits of chor though the whole program so far and he's really using his music / 3z leaning fell / 3t under rot fell / deathdrop with inside edge / strt ftwrk is musical and complex / gr tot 124.15 currently 2nd /

12 Jeremy Ten BC/YT
Black with orange design on one side yellow on other / some dramatic opening chor with a nice spiral / 3z was huge and beautiful 3t fell / 2a / 3f landed a bit weird in inside edge and put free foot down / diag steps are musical & complex / 3l / flycam with good extension dropping down to a low camel then into a sit - nice spin with unique moves / 3t overbalanced after landing and put foot down / 3z / 2a2t / back sit ch sit with variations / 3s hard fall / O ftwrk / combo spin to end is very fast with excellent pos / gr tot 143.71 currently 1st /

13 Patrick Wong BC/YT
Black bottom top is primarily white with black mesh effect diag on other / batman is the music I think / some chor to start / 3z leaning fell - rot I think / 2f2t / 3s under rot fell / flysit with variations ending in xfoot is very nice / music softens and some chor / 3t2t / 3l stiff kneed on landing bu clean / spin that all of saw of was the sit pos / strt ftwrk is light and with the music as it has changed / now a bit of comedy to the familiar batman theme / 2a2t / 3t / O ftwrk / 2a had it long enough I think stumbled a bit turning forward / combo spin to end / gr tot 118.72 currently 4th /

14 Andrew Lum BC/YT
Dark brown pants with same fabric at shoulders black body of top / a bit of chor to start / 3z leaning fell / 2a / some chor / 3t low landing turns 2t / back combo spin is fast with good strong pos / he's really using his music / 3t / 3s / 3l hand reaching for ice but didn't touch / sit ch sit is fast & low / strt ftwrk is complex with music & well done / 3s turnsout 1t / 2a waltz jump / didn't really see it but he fell out of a spin / O ftwrk into closing pose / gr tot 127.36 currently 2nd /

15 Ehren Jaleel AB/NT/NU
Turquoise blousey top black pants / 2a right off a couple of strokes / 3f / 3z / music softens / 3s / 3l / flycamel with layover pos then bent leg / O ftwrk seems a little simple - flows well / 3z fell / 2a / gorgeous spiral / back camel with josee layover ch front cam (among other pos) / strt ftwrk / 3s fell / deathdrop that was shortened a bit with the time lost on the fall on the sal / gr tot 125.28 currently 4th /

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