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Thread: All-time favorite programs

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    All-time favorite programs

    At Marshall's Dick Button kept telling everyone they needed a "signature program".

    Here are some of my faves; what are yours?

    "Salome" Michelle Kwan
    "Unchained Melody" Underhill and Martini
    "Brick House" "Singin' in the Rain" Kurt Browning
    "Schindler's List" Paul Wylie

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    I have way too many to even begin to narrow the list down and remember all of them, so I will list a few of my favorites from the top of my favorite skater list

    "Go The Distance" - Paul Wylie
    "Love Story" - Jamie Sale & David Pelletier
    "With One More Look" and "Georgia on my Mind" and "Walk This Way" - Scott Hamilton
    "Singing In The Rain" and "Brick House" and "Funky Music" and "Nyah" and "Antares" and "Serenade to Sonia" - Kurt Browning
    Rodin - Katia Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov
    "Wild Safar" and "I Make Him Feel Good" - Yuka Sato
    "Belfast's Child" - Steven Cousins
    "Adam and Eve" and their "Chicago" OD - Gregory & Petukhov

    ok I will go on and on later, I have to get finished with what I was really doing on here lol

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    "Henry V" and "The Mission" "Schindler's List" Paul Wylie
    " Graduation Ball" and 76 LP containing "Kalinka" , Fight scene in "Romeo and Juliet" Most of "Strawberry Ice" Toller Cranston
    "Lyra Angelica" Michelle Kwan
    " Classical Medley" "Romeo and Juliet" "Reverie" , "Rodin" piece - G and G
    "Singing in the Rain", "Brick House" Kurt Browning
    "Napoleon" Brian Boitano
    "Somewhere in Time" Dubreuil and Lauzon
    "Fred and Ginger" Blumberg and Seibert
    "Nutcracker" and his Casi Di Bolero duet with Katia - Ilia Kulik
    "Don Quixote" John Curry
    "Maria " 1987 Exhibition - Christopher Bowman ( very atypical)
    1996 SOI Beatles medley
    "Riverdance" B and K ( I really liked this tho' I know it wasn't highly praised)
    " City Lights" B and S
    "Gettysburg" Todd Eldredge
    " I love you always Forever" Yuka Sato ( I would love to get a full copy of this one..)
    I really like I and B's "Mandy" also!

    I am afraid I could go on all night and still think of more!
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    I don't have the time nor patience to list all my all-time favorites. But here are a few:

    'Man in the Iron Mask' - Alexei Yagudin
    'Turandot' - Shen & Zhao
    B & S's 2002 Olympics SP (don't remember the name but it was amazing)
    A & P's Original Dance from the 2002 Olympics. It was so over the top it was good.
    Nodunari Oda's LP this season. Wow.
    Diasuke Takahashi's LP from last season. 0_o Wow.

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    Ooh, I'm going to forget something.
    A&P-Carmina Burana, Romeo&Juliet, Man in the Iron Mask, their '98 jive OD, and their '02 OD
    D&V-Spente Le Stelle
    Klimova&Ponamarenko-1992 FD to Bach
    Wilson&McCall-Joplin FD from '88

    Kurt Browning-Singin' in the Rain, Casablanca, Brick House, Nyah, the clown one
    Brian Orser-The story of my life and My Buddy
    Alexei Yagudin-Winter, MITIM, Gladiator

    M&D-Liebestraum '92, Rach in '94
    B&S-Chaplin, their 2000 long program
    Underhill&Martini-When a man loves a woman, Unchained melody

    Michelle Kwan-Fields of Gold
    Katarina Witt-'94 long program

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    Oksana Baiul - Swan SP & Exhibition
    Rudy Galindo - Swan Lake LP
    B&S - Meditation 2002 Olympic LP
    Chen Lu - Rach LP
    Chen Lu - 95 Worlds LP
    Kwan - 96 SP
    Irina - Keri Lotion Exhibition
    John Curry - Don Quixote
    Paul Wyle - schindler list

    some of my favorite programs/performances

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    Aranjuez 2003 US Nationals and Worlds Michelle Kwan
    Rachmaninoff Chen Lu 1996 Worlds
    Turandot 2004 Worlds Shizuka Arakawa
    Turandot 2003 WC Shen and Zhao
    Tosca MKwan 2004 US Nationals
    Dark Eyes Sasha Cohen
    Otonal Maria Butyrskaya
    Serenade Irina Slutskaya 2002 WC SP
    Song of the Black Swan Michelle Kwan 2001 Worlds
    East of Eden Michelle Kwan
    Meditation of the thais Shen and Zhao
    The Red Violin Michelle Kwan
    Lyra Angelica Michelle Kwan
    Salome Michelle Kwan
    Don Quixote Irina Slutskaya GP Finale
    Butterfly Lovers Chen Lu 98 Olympics
    Romeo And Juliet exhibition Sasha Cohen
    My Sweet and Tender Beast Sasha Cohen
    Malaguena Sasha Cohen
    Schindlers List Irina Slutskaya
    2001 World Championships Todd Elderedge (3rd)
    Midori Ito 1999 World Championships LP
    Bolero Torvil and Dean
    G and G Olympics
    Apocalypto Nothing Else Matters Brian Joubert Cup of Russia
    Mao Asada SP this year
    Yu-Na Kim SP and LP

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    Michelle Kwan "Lyra Angelica"
    Belbin & Agosto "Shadritsa", "Elvis Medley", '03-'04 OD
    Kurt Browning "Casablanca", "Brickhouse"
    Paul Wylie "JFK"
    Kristi Yamaguchi "Blue Danube"

    and many more

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    For favorites, here are a few for starters:

    Todd - First Knight, 1492, Lord of the Rings, Independence Day, The Glory, Il Mare Calmo de la Sera
    Michelle - Salome, Dante's Prayer, East of Eden, Winter, Hands, Pocahontas, Lyra Angelica
    Paul W. - Henry V, JFK, Carmina Burana, Schindler's List, Apollo 13
    Brian O. - The Story of My Life
    Torvill & Dean - Bolero, Hat Trick
    Kurt - Brick House, Casablanca, Serenade to Sonia, That's Entertainment
    Shen & Zhao - Turandot, their Mt. Olympus program (1998)
    Brian B. - Napoleon, Music of the Night, Shenandoah/They Call the Wind Maria
    Midori Ito's 1988 Olympic free skate, and her 1992 Olympic "Rain" exhibition
    B&K - Riverdance
    G&G - Moonlight Sonata, The Man I Love
    Caryn Kadavy - It's All Coming Back to Me (not a big Celine Dion fan, but I just adore this program)
    Elvis - Dragon, 1492
    Roca & Sur - The Prayer, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
    Kristi - Blue Danube, Malaguena, Doop, Doop, It's Oh, So Quiet
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    My mental Rolodex for things like this is a little foggy this evening, but I will try to recall a few:

    "Les Patineurs" -- Brian Boitano
    Everything Alexei Yagudin did from 97-98 onwards...

    "Lyra Angelica" -- Michelle Kwan
    "Addams Family" -- Kriztina Csako
    "Aladdin" -- Tatyana Malinina
    "17 Moments In Spring" -- Maria Butrskaya
    "Turando" (Version 1) -- Shizuka Arakawa
    "Carmen" -- Sasha Cohen
    "The Mission" -- Karen Kwan

    "Memory" -- Underhill & Martini
    "Love Story" and "Jalousie" -- Sale & Pelletier
    Shen & Zhao's '03 and '04 Worlds long programs (I know Turandot was one of them; can't remember offhand the music of the other one; I have a feeling that this season's "Meditation de Thais" is going to be on this list at the end of the season, too.)
    "Leibestraum" -- Mushkitoniek (sp??) and Dmitriev
    Kodo Drums SP -- Ina & Dungjien

    "Barnum", "Bolero" -- Torvill & Dean
    "Romeo & Juliet" and Spanish Medley OD -- Anissina & Peizerat
    "Masquerade Waltz" -- Krylova & Ovsiannakov
    "Dragon Dance" -- Barber & Slater
    "Scheherezade" and "Madam Butterfly" -- Blumberg & Siebert
    92 Oly Free Dance -- Klimova & Ponomarenko

    More will probably occur to me later.

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    Bourne-Kraatz -"Riverdance", "MJ" 2002, OD 2001
    Anisina-Peizera - "Men in iron mask"
    Denkova-Staviisky - Gendel
    Torvil-Din - "Bolero"
    Drobysko-Vanagas - 'Spente Le Stelle'
    Gregory-Petuhov - "Snow" 2003
    Chait-Sahnovsky "Paganini"
    Virtue-Moir 'Wals triste"

    Jeff Buttle - "Nagaytsi". Rachm SP 2005, 'Samson and Dalila", SP 2006: "Lust imperior"
    Yagudin "Winter", "Gladiator"
    Plushenko - 2001 LP, "Lezginka", "Niginsky', "Sex bob'
    Lambiel - "Ones upon a time in Mexico", "Chocolate"
    Joubert - "Matrix"
    Stoiko - 'Bruce Lee" 1994, violin music in SP 1999-2000
    Kurt Brauning - a lot, a lot programs
    Wier - SP 2005, Otonal

    Slutskay - LP 2005 in Moskow
    Kohen - "Dark eyes", My Sweet and Tender
    Arakawa - "Sherburg umbrellas"

    Sale-Peletier - "Love story"
    Shen-Gao - "Nutcraker"
    Totmynina-Marinin - SP 2005, "Snowstorm"
    Gordeeva-Grinkov "Moonlight sonata"

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    Ah, you all reminded me:

    Gordeeva/Grinkov- "Rodin"
    Brian Boitano- "Shenandoah"
    Sale/Pelletier- "Love Story"
    Robin Cousins- "Devil Takes a Holiday"
    Bourne/Kraatz- "Return to Innocence"

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    Torville & Dean - Bolero
    Bestemianova & Bukin - Albioni
    Sasha Cohen - Dark Eyes
    Alexei Yagudin - Winter
    Gordeeva & Grinkov - Moonlinght Sonata
    Mishkitenok & Dmitriev - Liberstraum
    Berezhnaya & Sikhuralidze - Chaplin

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    Here is mine:

    1. Sale/Pelletier: "Love Story" 2002 Olympic LP
    2. Shen/Zhao: Turandot 2003 Worlds LP
    3. Shen/Zhao: The Nutcracker 2004 Worlds LP
    4. Totmianina/Marinin: Ave Maria 2005 Worlds SP
    5. Inoue/Baldwin Can't remember the name 2006 Nationals LP

    1. Evan Lysacek: Carmen 2006 Olympic LP
    2. Brian Joubert: Time 2004 Worlds SP
    3. Brian Joubert: The Matrix 2004 and 2006 Worlds LP
    4. Jeffrey Buttle: Naygoatsi (Whatever) Program 2005 Worlds LP
    5: Brian Joubert: Apocalyptica 2006 Cup of Russia

    1. Bourne/Kraatz: Adagio 2003 Worlds FD
    2. Belbin/Agosto: Russian Gypsy Music 2005 Worlds FD
    3. Belbin/Agosto: Flamenco Music 2006 Olympic FD
    4. Drobiazko/Vanagas: Phantom of the Opera 2006 Olympic FD
    5. Dubreuil/Lauzon: Somewhere in Time 2006 World FD

    1. Michelle Kwan: Aranjuez 2003 World FS
    2. Michelle Kwan: Tosca 2004 Nationals FS
    3. Irina Slutskaya: Wonderland 2005 Worlds FS
    4. Sasha Cohen: Dark Eyes 2006 Olympics SP
    5. Kimmie Meissner Queen of Sheba 2006 Worlds FS

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    I’ve only been following FS since January so I don’t have a lot of past knowledge. I’m slowly working on downloading more stuff to see what/who else I might like. But, I have a few faves.
    Ladies: Sasha Cohen Dark Eyes and Romeo & Juliet, Irina Slutskaya SP and LP from last season. I also like Shuzuka Arakawa’s LP from last season.
    Mens: Johnny Weir all programs except maybe King of Chess, Takahashi’s new LP and SP this season, I also like Ryo Shibata’s Dr. Zhivago
    Pairs: no real faves yet
    Dance: Adam & Eve by Gregory & Petukhov, At Last by Dubreuil & Lauzon

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