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Thread: Go Isa & Oli!!!!

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    Thumbs up Go Isa & Oli!!!!

    Lovin' the DelSchoes always - so innovative, so stylish - hope they make the Podium at St.Petersburg.

    IMO in the FD, Isabelle's all black costume and chic hairstyle is the most gorgeous look since Emma Peel in the Avengers [Diana Rigg] in the 1960s. Stunning!!

    Their programmes are fab, and they are super skaters with sublime technique.

    Go Isa & Oli at the GPF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please voice your support for the fabulous French here!
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    Oh, most definitely. Up with chic and innovative skating! Down with wild faces and faux sauvagerie! I will not only be happy if they make the podium, I'll be mad if they don't!

    Go Delobel & Schoenfelder!

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    GO ISLA and OLIVIER I really really want them to get the medals they deserve.They are such beautiful smooth skaters .What do the judges want ?
    If they don't medal here they should most certainly medal at Euros otherwise there's something wrong

    GO DENSTAS too !!!
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    not only medals, but they have to be silver!!!GO Isa&Oli and Albi&Max

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    podium here we go!!!!
    excited to see the programs....
    what a bumerthe americans injured....
    the bulgarians next...just kidding they deserve gold.....unless....

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