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    FD report

    Gregory/Petukhov, Adam and Eve

    Sp, he sits, she layback, he stands, he hB
    SeLi, leaning back, change of pose, he keeps her between his legs, rather ugly position for her
    STw, i think she did less rotations, something just looked wrong
    CiSt, too open
    CuLi, split, while he crouches
    DiSt, looked somewhat empty
    CuLi+RoLi, half-donut, he 1 foot, 1 arm rotation keeping her by the waist
    SlLi, she stands on his boots

    Sorry, but I am not impressed. the program seems to be going nowhere, just a collection of elements and not very attractive elements at that.

    Khokhlova/Novitsky, Aranjuez Mon Amour

    SlLi+CuLi, she upside down in Sl, half donu in the second half
    CoSp, excellent positions as usual
    SlLi, she in hB, he on 1 feet
    DiSt, far too open in the 1st half
    SeLi, hangs on him neck, to split
    RoLi, 1 hand, she in donut, great entry from the bielman

    Well, that was interesting... not sure I liked it (I mean generally as concept for an ice dance, but it was certainly an interesting program). Better than G&P for sure, more polished, more intense... good ice dance? it depends.

    Delobel/Schoenfelder, Bonnie and Clyde

    RoLi 1hand from cool entry
    CiSt, ok
    STw, i thought she put a foot down in between them and there was something wrong with the 2nd one
    SeLi, hand stand on his hip to balance
    Sp, painfully looking B from her and it travelled
    CuLi, she is split
    MiSt, ok
    SlLi+RoLi, she leans back in Sl, and is in donut in Ro

    Clearly a class apart from the other teams here. Their program is just so more challenging with all the transitions, difficult entries etc. Well, Kh&N also have their share of Tr and entrance variations, but D&S's seem to be better integrated in the whole program.

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    Domnina/Shabalin, Polovetsian Dances

    Sp, upturned camel to B.
    DiSt, ok
    SlLi, upside down, he on 1 feet
    STw, Ok
    CiSt, good flow
    RoLi, in half B.

    I liked it much more than in Moscow. It finally looked like the dance we saw in Odinstovo back in September: regal and flowing in the "slow parts", and crazy and wild in the "fast" ones. This dance really suits them, especially him.

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    Denkova/Staviisky, [Seven Deadly Sins

    STw, slow, but ok
    CuLi, change of pose, acrobatic and laboured IMHO
    CiSt, too open, but good flow and interaction
    SeLi, upside down to stand on the boot
    Sp, upturned camel to b2h
    MiSt, too open, but good flow
    SlLi+RoLi, something weird in the Ro, looked, like the change of pose did not went well
    SlLi, OD lift

    Not "my" style of the dance, but I have to give them credit for the complexity of their choreography, I do not think that anyone can match their ability to interact with each other (whenever touching in holds on non-touching) or their ability to express the theme, but whole body movement. Clearly cut above the rest.

    Dubreil/Lauzon, At Last

    SlLi, cool, she balance on his arm
    RRoLi, changes of position, very well done
    STw, she stepped out of the second
    RoLi, change of position
    SlLi+CuLi, she stands on his hip like in OD

    Well, it was a very pleasant surprise, I really disliked this dance from TV coverage and found it's boring, but live it just flow so smoothly, that it's over before you notice it. Excellent lifts as usual, and it IS far too open with far too much time spend skating SBs or in Kilian holds, but somehow I don't find it quite as annoying, it jsut went well with the theme.

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    Thankyou for the reports Anna, really appreciate it.

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    Great reporting Anna!

    Val and Craig, Marie France and Patrice well done! Canada loves you!

    Nobunari, Meier, Delobel and Schoenfelder saw ya in Calgary, what style! World's is your oyster!

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