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Thread: Shen & Zhao's videos on youtube

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    Shen & Zhao's videos on youtube

    shen & zhao nailed two wonderful programs at GPF and were rewarded a monstrous total of 203 points. Here's their programs on youtube.

    Shen & zhao's short program:

    Shen & Zhao's Long Program:
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    I so love both of these programs!!! Thanks for the links.

    The spanish commentators are great too, I like how they provide info about the skaters/skate before and after but during only really announce the big elements, you can actually hear the music.

    I love that part of their LP where they skate just a little past each other and link feet and pull back together -- that is just so tender and sweet.

    I also love how happy and excited they get in the kiss and cry -- all in all, very fun to watch.

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    I love them, when they skate they take it to another level!!!! The music, the artistry is incomparable!

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    I love their meditation LP, but the broadcast is not doing well this time. The angle for shooting their performance was way out.

    Meditation LP reveals shen and zhao's skating career and their close relationship. It's a recap of their twenty years of figure skating.
    They just draw you into their program.

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