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Thread: Code of Point Rankings?

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    Code of Point Rankings?

    I was bored so I went and compiled these different numbers, I posted the best SP & LP scores by each skater on both the junior and senior competitions and this is what I got.....

    Mao Asada, JPN 199.52
    Miki Ando, JPN 193.37
    Yu Na Kim, KOR 184.54
    Fumie Suguri, JPN 179.82
    Kimmie Meissner, USA 177.78
    Joannie Rochette, CAN 177.18
    Sarah Meier, SUI 170.87
    CAROLINE ZHANG, USA 165.33 (could have a bright future with this one)
    Alissa Czisny, USA 163.69
    Susanna Poykio, FIN 163.49
    Yukari Nakano, JPN 160.93
    Julia Sebestyen, HUN 155.34
    Emily Hughes, USA 151.80
    Mira Leung, CAN 150.92
    Yoshi Onda, JPN 146.95
    Kiira Korpi, FIN 146.94
    Aki Sawada, JPN 146.46
    Elena Sokolova, RUS 143.11
    Ashley Wagner, USA 142.88 (another American Jr. making noise in jr. levels)

    Daisuke Takahashi, JPN 247.93
    Nobunari Oda, JPN 244.56
    Brian Joubert, FRA 240.88
    Evan Lysacek, USA 221.19
    Alban Preaubert, FRA 214.14
    Stephane Lambiel, SUI 210.70
    Takahiko Kozuka, JPN 208.34
    Tomas Verner, CZE 204.30
    Emanuel Sandhu, CAN 201.14
    Sergei Davydov, BLR 199.11
    Johnny Weir, USA 198.70
    Shawn Sawyer, CAN 195.17
    Sergei Dobrin, RUS 193.50
    Scott Smith, USA 193.50
    Chengjiang Li, CHN 191.32
    Ilia Klimkin, RUS 189.81
    Yannick Ponsero, FRA 189.46
    Alexander Uspenski, RUS 189.15
    Stephen Carriere, USA 188.13
    Parker Pennington, USA 187.82

    Shen/Zhao, CHN 203.43
    Zhang/Zhang, CHN 190.97
    Savchenko/Szolkowy, GER 185.81
    Petrova/Tikhonov, RUS 178.03
    Pang/Tong, CHN 172.56
    Marcoux/Buntin, CAN 170.99
    Inoue/Baldwin, USA 170.40
    Suidek/Suidek, POL 169.11
    Kawaguchi/Smirnov, RUS 168.50
    Nari Nam/Lefheris, USA 161.32
    Putnam/Wirtz, CAN 158.71
    Langlois/Hay, CAN 153.63
    Obertas/Slavnov, RUS 153.55
    Vise/Trent, USA 150.46
    Krasilnikova/Bezmaternikh, RUS 147.01
    Mclaughlin/Brubaker, USA 146.61
    Wakamatsu/Fecteau, CAN 145.41
    Castile/Okolski, USA 144.98
    Mukhortova/Trankov, RUS 141.31
    Vlassov/Meekins, USA 141.12

    Denkova/Staviski, BUL 202.58
    Dubreuil/Lauzon, CAN 198.08
    Delobel/Schoenfedler, FRA 194.62
    Domnina/Shabalin, RUS 194.13
    Belbin/Agosto, USA 187.40
    Gregory/Petukhov, USA 180.98
    Khokhlova/Novitski, RUS 180.57
    Faiella/Scali, ITA 176.78
    Virtue/Moir, CAN 173.70
    White/Davis, USA 169.49
    Kerr/Kerr, GBR 168.53
    Pechalat/Bourzat, FRA 167.28
    Matthews/Zavozin, USA 166.61
    Hoffmann/Elek, HUN 161.86
    Cappellini/Lanotte, ITA 159.77
    Bobrova/Soloview, RUS 159.61
    Zaretski/Zaretski, ISR 159.15
    Platonova/Maximishin, RUS 158.51
    Fraser/Lukanin, AZE 157.15
    Samuelson/Bates, USA 155.75

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    That's really interesting. Thanks Callystar!

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    Yes, it is. The trick is doing your best SP and your best LP at the same competition!

    However, I think Mao Asada's stratospheric total is actually attainable for this skater. This season she's had a consistently great short and a long that has missed twice and hit once. One of these days she'll get it all together and separate herself from the pack. (JMO).

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    Ashley Wagner is making noise because she consistenly hits 7 triples per program. She however is not much to look at.

    Caroline will make tons of noise because she is a Cohen clone, who can actually land all of her jumps. She doesn't yet own 3-3 combos and when she does watch out world.

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    I don't remember Ashley at last years Nats but I have seen her in MidAtlantics and on IceNetwork. She's an up and coming skater with plenty of technical prowess. But I agree with you it will be difficult for her to beat Caroline.

    Apparently, from reading posts, fans are demanding super flexibility more than the 3x3s.


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