Thanks Paragon from FSU for translating the long program.

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I have opted for a very literal translation, rather than one that streamlines the translated text to sound better in colloquial English. In so doing, I hope to preserve full nuances of the original text.


Hongbo Zhao: in response to the request of online fans, I present this analysis of "Meditation" for your enjoyment

As so many of our friends have demanded it, we are posting our program's musical breakdown and treatment. Of course, we didn't base the choreography on the original story from the opera, because only a few people have seen it, while most are more familiar with the music as something used to accompany memories and flashbacks in TV programs. We created this program with the latter sentiment in mind. We hope you like it!!!

So much pain, so many tribulations. When they hold hands, it's a kind of a love, a kind of transcendental love!!!

The clear and serene ice surface, feeling the hard road, wrapped in the "Meditation" musical piece, it instantly makes one weep. The indelible experiences of a lifetime ... figure skating.

The first part:


It starts with two people back to back in the sheer world of ice.

They slowly glide backwards the search.

In the instant they cross paths the boy discovers a pretty little girl,

And from that moment, they searchingly guide their hands towards a gentle grasp, the two hold hands backwards while extending their arms fate almost let these two miss each other by a hair.

The girl holds the boy's waist in an arabesque pose while gazing up at Hongbo, the boy opens his arms the girl admires and leans on the boy (as a little girl cuddling up to someone), and the boy treats the girl with gentle care.

Holding both hands, the boy glides backwards while the girl glides forwards, then turn briefly into both gliding backwards he looks back at her, the girl fixes her gaze on him --- fate has set them on the hard road of their career.

Accelerating forward into a 3toe/2toe boldly going forward, charging towards high difficulty

Dance move, big one (in English, they call this a spread eagle) [translator note: the Chinese pictograms for "big one" visually approximates a spread eagle] linked into a double axel spreading wings and flying high

Complex choregraphy linked into a throw twist both in shared pursuit. towards a lifetime of experience.

Dance move spread eagle into a lift with a certain level of artistry and superior technical ability as the basis. the first ascendance in their career (a new stage) (1999 Grand Prix Finals)

Directly into a spiral line (in English they call this a death spiral) with a hand change and a position change the emotional nadir, the struggle of the bitter pain inside, the cruelty of reality

Right into the second part

Dance move march into criss-crossing into a dance lift challenging oneself, digging back out of the pit, as the phoenix rising out of the ashes, receiving new life from pain, towards a new starting point

Straight line footwork, forceful, body twisting, changing the upper body and turning the feet a desire to break out of artistic boundaries, to show oneself

Expressive dance, leg hooking move the emotional line: the turbulence of fate subsides to let the two calm down and deeply feel something besides figure skating: love! The wisps of adoration and heaps of love given to the other person. Living through disasters together and relying on each other, an experience that ripens daily to push the two further along. What could possibly keep them apart? Even if her feelings mysteriously disappears, he will use the feeling of his whole body and soul to make her come back! Using even the strength of the tip of his toes he will hold the girl tightly in his embrace. Emphasize the depiction of emotions, the twists and turns, rise and fall, deeply moving.

Holding both hands and gazing at each other with deep affection, glide into back to back throw jumps: throw 3 salchow - throw 3 loop two hearts as one, exceeding dreams, from victory to even greater victories

A little dance lift between the two throw jumps the celebration after the victory, yearning for new victories, the boy admires and treasures the girl even more

Spiral step sequence entering into a free world of figure skating and emotions, as two birds side by side in flight, tightly leaning on each other and connecting, hearts as free as the wind, thoroughly displaying the beauty of artistry and technical abilities, with infinite aspirations towards the future

Turning into the pair spin while fully displaying the body language in the process two people carrying each other, never leaving nor forsaking the other, both striving

Entering into the third part

Glide out of the spin, the two passionately extending their arms while looking at each other, gliding into the third lift at full speed leaving their problems behind, creating glory anew with full confidence!

Ending and concept: gliding on one knee, the girl's arms and gaze are directed far away, but the boy pulls her towards himself. The two deeply embrace the break after the victory, chatting about their deep appreciation for the riches figure skating gave them, their great love for figure skating and the process of arduously struggling half a lifetime before achieving glorious joy!!! A lifetime of using heartfelt romance to experiencing a career. Let time disappear as the music lingers!!! Even though the girl seems to want more, his mind has already wandered off towards the future while yearning for a new life. At this moment the girl, with deep appreciation, holds on tightly!!! "Xue Hongbo"