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Thread: Vladimir hits the rink

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    Vladimir hits the rink

    Some of our faves were there. A few good pics.
    The first skater to come into the bar was Tatyana Navka. The Olympic champion was highly recognizable, since she came in on skates. She was followed by Tatyana Tarasova in a pretty red fur-edged hat. It was so pretty that she wouldn't take it off, just as the president kept his coat.

    Roman Kostomarov, Elena Vodorezova and Ilya Averbukh came in. Irina Slutskaya was the last to arrive. The president delighted her with an announcement that she had very professional hosted the “Dancing with the Stars” show. That meant that he had watched it.

    She told the president that the country needed more inks for figure skaters, on which hockey players should never be allowed under any circumstances, because they earn money, and as soon as a rink opens, the hockey players fill it immediately.

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    I love it!! I love Russian humour. It's so outspoken and so correct. I got all that in ballet class.


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