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Thread: Steuer ok to go to Euros and Worlds

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    News Steuer ok to go to Euros and Worlds

    The German federation (DEU) has given the green light for Ingo Steuer to go to Europeans and Worlds with Savchenko/Szolkowy. The DEU has not changed its legal position but will wait for the appeals process to run its course. The Interior Ministry has been consulted and is in agreement with the decision.

    Hence, Ingo won't have to go back to court this year to fight for credentials, and Aliona and Robin can concentrate on training. Presumably the DEU's appeal will be heard after Worlds. The saga is by no means over.

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    Thanks for the update, Anke!

    OTOH, I am glad that Aliona & Robin can now concenrate on skating. OTOH, though, I am frustrated that Steuer keeps getting a free ride no matter what he does.

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    Couldn't they simply leave Aliona & Robin & Steuer alone? Isn't it obvious to the German Federation there is no way to really punish the bad guy. Yes, they've been trying to make his life a hell, but it looks nothing but childish & plain stupid.

    Steuer happens to be a gifted coach. As long as he can deliver he won't stay unemployed, and there is nothing the German Federation can do about it. The EU jurisdiction won't let them go too far in their сrusades, anyways.

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    German federation

    German federation is simply ridiculous and dumb at the same time. Good for S/S.

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