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    Free Dance Report


    Tw 3+4 travelled a lot of distance
    SeSt, empty
    SlLi, he 1 feet, she upside down
    CoSp, both sit, both U // both sit
    SeLi, smooth\
    Sp, what the hell? It’s not even last season FD…
    DiSt, empty
    SlLi, I suppose the previous one was CuLi?
    RoLi 1 hand

    Some jazzed up classics in the first minute, normal classic in the second half. Sorry, I have terrible memory for music. Very weak overall, I guess they are one of those teams who skate just for the love it, because they are clearly going nowhere and they were going nowhere the same way I saw them several years ago. But if that’s something they love, more power to them.

    43.20/29.81=-1=72.01 to 138.52


    SlLi, he sit, she layback
    SeSt, two shaky facing Tw
    Sp, he sits, she B
    Tw 4+5
    RoLi, change of pose
    SeLi, change of pose
    DiSt, no speed in the 2nd half

    There was some message here, too bad it was lost on me because I did not recognize the music. Something powerful, with chanting it in. The costumes were not very dramatic, though. Overall it was a nicely choreographed program, but they cannot get through the steps with the necessary speed.

    37.02/34.06=-1=70.08 to 140.27


    CiSt checking each other
    SllLi, he sit, she layback
    RoLi she in split to CuLi she upside down
    Tw 3+5 long
    RoLi 1 hand
    SeLi, laboured, both change pose

    And Del/Schoen “glide” to finish… was it Bach or Beethoven? I can never remember which is which (“tam tadadatadam”). I think they are the strongest skaters so far, but they need more polish and better presentation (and choreography)… and something less dramatical. They were great with upbeat numbers couple of years ago.

    37.31/32.64=69.95 to 128.78


    Tw out of unison and slow
    SeSt, kept missing the holds
    CuLi she in upside down, slow, too long most likely
    DiSt, kept missing the holds
    SlLi cool
    RoLi, she hangs on his neck

    Flamenco. She has strong presentation skills (or at least can do “Spanish”), but very weak basics. He seems to have neither. They kept checking each other whereabouts during the dance, clearly a new team… Got the audience going for them in the last minute of the dance, though.

    38.27/30.24=-2=66.51 to 134.40

    Khokhlova/Novitsky, Aranjuez Mon Amour

    CoSp excellent
    SlLi she in B

    Much like yesterday they were too wrapped up in the emotions and performance and had some minor glitches as a results. But overall it was incredibly well done. I did nto like their dance then I saw it the first time, but they convinced me it is a real dance, not just adagio pair skating.

    49.53/46.15=95.68 to 192.94


    Tw 8 shaped
    RoLi 1 hand

    I missed some elements, sorry. Swan Lake with Russian lyrics. It’s about Odillia (sp? The black swan) blaming the prince the price for abandoning her and telling him that now she would die along still loving him… Trust Svinin and Zhuk to find something original even for a done-to-death SL theme… Well done overall. Powerful, smooth, but they still can improve the smoothness. Lifts are conventional and boring compared to Kh/Nov.

    44.99/40.37=85.36 to 169.34

    Platonova/Maximishin, Flamenco

    DiSt couple of minor stumbles
    RoLi 1 hand shaky

    He is once again so much in character and she doesn’t seem to be “getting” it at all, she is trying, but she isn’t very convincing… I think they are better skaters than Rub/Schefer, but R/S are more expressive and more charismatic. P/M looked too involved into skating all the elements cleans, while R/S “danced” their program though, with abandon, however silly their theme has been.

    42.73/40.47=83.20 to 166.15

    Domnina/Shabalin, Polovian Dances

    Sorry, I completely forgot the write down the elements. But they were the same as at CoR and GPF… Really well done, powerful, smooth, expressive. I love this dance, well deserved first place.

    52.59/49.90=102.39 to 207.32

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    Thanks so much Anna.

    Rubleva/Shefer's FD sounds intriguing, I'd like to see it.

    So sorry to hear about Arkadi Sergeev's broken leg.

    BTW just catching up with all your reports, so thanks for all your hard work in keeping us updated, and your wonderful Preview too, that was such fun to read, and very interesting!!

    Belated Happy New Year to you too!

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