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Thread: Start orders up — interesting

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    Start orders up — interesting

    Some interesting start orders. D/L not necessarily lucky being first out of the gate in the CD.

    Feel sorry for Langlois and Hay having to skate after Shen/Zhao. Dube and Davison have a good draw. Each flight is actually competitive.

    In Mens Buttle and Lysacek back to back.

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    Ladies Short Prgram Order

    I don't like the fact that Alyssa is skating right after Kimmie. I want Kimmie to win, but I don't want Alyssa to freak out if Kimmie has a wowser performance.

    After her LP at the Nationals, I hoping against hope that Alyssa has begun to conquer those demons of the past.

    Go Kimmie! Skate like the World Champion!

    Go Alyssa! We know you can do it!

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