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Thread: Freddy can you beat this one?

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    Freddy can you beat this one?

    Poem from skatingfan5

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Sometimes plain prose just won't do, so skatingfan5 had to revert to her bad poetry habits from way back in 1998. Michelle in honor of your undefeated season, with FIVE wins, here is a cinquain:

    Beautiful, vibrant
    Growing, glowing, flowing.
    Survive, revive, come alive, thrive!

    And a limmerick (non-naughty):

    There were many who said you were done
    When at Salt Lake only the bronze you won;
    But you went back to your source
    And charted a new skating course
    For a season that was joyful, and golden, and fun!!

    And finally, "Michelle Takes Five"

    Hey girl, you sure know how to survive,
    When your spirit flagged, you found ways to help it revive;
    With a new coach who gave your training juice and jive
    And new choreo that unleashed footwork so free and alive.
    Let the media try to sting you and create buzz in their little hive --
    You just went out and kicked butt – and took home gold --times five!

    Congratulations, Michelle!

    Edited by: skatingfan5 at: 4/9/03 10:27:39 am

    <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">Congrats Michelle, Elena and Fumie</span>

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    Freddy the Pig 2

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    Re: Freddy can you beat this one?

    No, I can't beat it, all I can do is offer my humble praise. (Below I assume that Skating Fan Five is a young lady).

    Listen my children and I will strive
    To tell you the story of Skating Fan Five.
    Her talent surpasses all poets alive!
    Who else could rhyme BEEhive with REvive and jive?

    Skating Fan Five! Your zest and your drive
    To write a fine poem, so much better than I've
    Ever written; oh my, though I plot and connive
    No adequate praise can I seem to contrive!

    Skating Fan, Skating Fan, Skating Fan Five!
    May the skating gods smile on you ever to thrive!
    Were I thirty years younger I'd take you to wive --
    I'd survive with your "chive, dive, arrive and derive."

    Shelly, our heroine, hearts she does rive.
    Of seeing her skate I would never deprive
    Any person, not even bad Bonnie and Clive
    (Their sins do I hereby absolve and I shrive.)

    Skating Fan Five, oh Skating Fan Five!
    I used to be Laureate till your arriv-
    al here at GS; now my mind's in a gyve,
    And the critics, my doggerel how they will skive!

    rive: to tear to pieces
    shrive: to forgive
    gyve: a shackle
    skive: to cut into thin strips
    Bonnie and Clive: little known, but much more wicked, cousins of Bonnie and Clyde.


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