I find myself in a little bit of a dilemma.
My current Learn To Skate coach (who I may or may not get again next cycle) isn't, well, let's say isn't working out.
I have nothing against her, but I really believe I would learn much more and faster with others.
In fact, I probably learn more just from watching some of my fellow students (in other levels).
I'm not the complaining type, and really don't want to get her into any trouble (she hasn't done anything wrong), but I would really like to avoid getting her again when the next class cycle starts in 3 weeks.
Should I try to put in a request with the director - who assigns coaches to the various levels - a request he may or not be able to grant, since he's frequently shorthanded, or just hope for a different coach?
I know I sound like a teenager, but I tend to be pretty direct, but have noticed that there's a lot of very fragile egos in FS, and would kinda prefer not to wound too many of them.....