Today, I passed my Sr. Bronze Freeskate test! I am extremely happy! My warm up was awesome (same as last time I tried this test). I was landing my double sow's which I have been having trouble with lately (it's more of calming them down) and I was landing double toes.

During the performance my only problems were the flying camel which kind of died but I kept a hold on too it and I rushed and opened up my double toe, therefore it wasnt landed as it should have been. However, my double sow was clean! Something I haven't been able to do all year - land the bloody thing in my solo! I'm very happy. I was a little scratchy and not as flowy as I should have been but none the less I passed!

Things are looking up!

Also, I've decided to start doing competitions. I really worked on my nerves and very proud of myself this year, considering I had a crappy year last year. I'm also thinking about an interpretive.

I'm addicted to figure skating and I cant quit! :P

.... an now one more month to get that Keats Foxtrot and Harris Tango ....