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Thread: American Idol 3/18

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    American Idol 3/18

    Any new thoughts?

    Worst dress contest: Trenyce, Carmen or Kelly Clarkson?

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    Best singers of the night: Ruben, Clay, and Trenyce

    Worst singers: Carmen, Julia, and the first guy that sang whose name is escaping me at the moment (he did the Phil Collins song)

    Hated Kelly's dress and makeup but can't WAIT for her CD.

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    1. Ruben - Amazing. Maybe the best performance of the series so far. Perfect song, had the crowd the second he stepped on the stage.
    2. Trenyce - Wow! She actually did Whitney justice. Fantastic.
    3. Clay - While not his best performance (a little shaky in some spots) he's still a fantastic singer.
    4. Ricky - Really well controlled, perfect for his voice.
    5. Kim Locke - Really redeemed herself after last week's disgrace.
    6. Kim Caldwell - Not her best, but amazing stage presence as always.
    7. Carmen - There's something I like about her. Maybe it's the fact that she's an underdog. Not bad, not spectacular.
    8. Josh - Country is all I have to say. If it's true about next week being disco he's in trouble.
    9. Corey - I like Corey but this was not the greatest thing he's ever done. The first half was bad. He wasn't in his element until he hit the high notes.
    10. Julia - Get some personality and put some actual emotion into a song.
    11. Charles - Poor Charles. He seems so nice but this was bad.

    I'm guessing the bottom 3 will be Julia, Charles, and Corey.
    Julia will be booted.

    Gladys Knight was awesome! What great critique she gave everybody.

    Kelly was amazing as always. She proved that she was the true winner last year. I think she would beat this group as well, even though it is a much deeper field this year than last. Way to go Kelly!

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    Well, first of all I have to agree with Paula A.'s remark. "all right, next week, we're going to start charging admission." This AI ROCKS!! The talent level is really high.

    Corey - "Against All Odds" - He definitely had some pitch problems but it was OK ... not his best performance. I think it must be hard to go first.

    Ruben - "A Whole New World" - WONDERFUL VOICE! I just LOVE this guy ... no matter what happens here, he's going to be a STAR.

    Trenyce - "I Have Nothing" - I agree with whichever judge said she had guts to do a Whitney Houston song. She was TERRIFIC. Didn't like the dress though .... not at all flattering to her .. errr .. chest.

    Clay - "Somewhere Out There" - As far as I am concerned ... Clay IS the American Idol. Agreed with Simon when he said, "YOU are the one to beat."

    Kimberly C. - "The Shoop, Shoop Song" - She's very pretty and really uses the stage well BUT her voice is just NOT good enough to be in the top group.

    Josh - "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" - Wow, was he "Mr. Country" tonight or what? It was just *pure* country. I really think he improved his standing in the show tonight, but I don't think the Amer. Idol is going to sound that "country."

    Carmen - "Hopelessly Devoted To You" - BIG pitch problems. Not a great song choice. Oh, Simon, for Heaven's sakes ... if she was anybody but YOUR wildcard choice, you'd be ripping her to shreds!! Puleeeeeze.....

    Charles - "You Can't Win" (The Wiz) - Very poor song choice. He's a real performer - had the audience dancing. Good singer ... but, he MUST choose better songs, or he'll be gone very soon.

    Rickey - "It Might Be You" - Great job. Excellent range and wonderful voice control. Seems like such a nice guy. He's safe.

    Julia - "What A Feeling" - Poor song choice; poor stage presence; poor vocals ...... thumbs down

    Kimberly L. - "Home" (The Wiz) - I didn't like the song but she definitely redeemed herself. Really good job.

    My rankings for tonight (best to worst):
    Kimberly L.
    Kimberly C.

    (Well, actually, I thought BOTH Carmen and Julia were BOTH terrible, so it's really a toss-up as to who goes.)

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    UGH!! I missed the first hour due to a friend coming over with a (minor) emergency! I was hoping that, like last week, all the good singers would be in the second half. I was wrong.

    Based on what I saw:

    Carmen: I just knew someone would sing "Hopelessly Devoted to You". Her country twang does NOT work for me, and she needs a stylist fast.

    Charles: As in previous rounds, I thought his voice was good, but his stage presence was weak - but I definitely heard signs of personality in there. I think he is improving each week, but I doubt he'll be around long enough for it to make much of a difference. ps Charles - DON'T TALK BACK TO THE JUDGES. You are in way too precarious a position not to know better.

    Rickey: Started strong, seemed a little lost in the tempo. Great falsetto, and I like that he tried a different style and it definitely worked with the judges. Looked great.

    Julia Demato: Gladys Knight hit the nail on the head - this girl does not look like she is having any fun at all up there. I just performed in an '80s dance concert, and let me tell you - if you're going to do '80s style, you really need to go over the top. Halfway just looks sad. She did seem to learn her lesson about talking back to the judges though (thank you!!)

    Kim Locke: I am so glad I got to see one person really perform well! She should be back in safer waters after this, although I have a couple of things to say about her song: 1) Simon bashed Charles for choosing The Wiz, but not Kimberley. Simon is working very hard to get Charles booted. 2) Hmmm...big number from The Wiz....kinda like singing 'Over the rainbow' from The Wizard of Oz...ain't it?

    Based on the brief recaps I saw, sounds like Corey tanked, Ruben/Trenyce/Clay did their fabulous thing, Kim C possibly chose the wrong song (but I'm sure she's fine), and Josh? His country twang works for me - and I wish I could have heard his rendition of the Aerosmith song, it sounded interesting.

    I'm going to agree with Mike79: bottom 3 Julia, Charles and Corey (wish Carmen were in there, sigh). Julia should and most likely will go, slight chance that it's Charles depending on how people took his sass.

    Go Gladys Knight with your actual constructive criticism!


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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    ITA that the level of talent in this group is better than last season.

    The highlights:

    Ruben, Trenyce, and Clay. I think we're all in agreement on this

    Kim Locke looked AMAZING and definitely redeemed herself from last week's program. I kind of get this Queen Latifah vibe off her. Also, looks like she quit going to Burger King (yes, catty I know, but am referring to Simon's comment last week).

    Ricky sang pretty well but his voice is so high I think he's been hitting the helium that blonde chick from the wildcard show has sucking on. That's just a preference thing with me.

    Carmen seems to be getting more and more comfortable on stage, but she's got to kick it up a notch if she wants to stay in.

    The lowlights:

    Corey - AAAUUUGGGHHH. I don't get what everyone likes about this guy. I have yet to hear him stay on pitch with any consistency, and he just comes across as a shallow, unappreciative jerk.

    Kim Caldwell - LOVED the reference about the amusement parks. That was priceless. :rollin: Also, where did she get that skirt? It looked like something she stole from Irina Lobacheva's wardrobe!!

    Julia - Honeychile, there's a reason that Flashdance fashion statement disappeared and never came back. And that singing. EEEEWWWW. We had to sing that song for Women's Musical Theatre; I still have nightmares from that rendition, and Julia's rendition only made it worse.

    Charles - ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz. One of the nicest, most humble people in the competition, but he just doesn't do it for me.

    Josh - I think he's just a doll. I'm an Aerosmith fan (for the old stuff, that it), and I pretty much despise country music, but I absolutely adored his version of 'I don't want to miss a thing.' But ITA, he's going to be in a lot of trouble next week if it is disco. When are they going to do a country show?!?! (yeah right)

    Oh, and what was up with Simon rubbing his nipples during the performances?!?! Double EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!

    As for Kelly, I like the song, but her clothes last night need to go. And who was doing the makeup last night? Carmen and Kelly (when she came out the first time) looked like streetwalkers with all that paint!! They toned it down on Kelly before she performed, but *ick* it was yucky.

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    Jules Asner

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    Sadly, I forgot to set the VCR for two hours -- the good news is all the good singers were in the first hour.

    Corey - "Against All Odds" - he has some problems with tempo - but there's something I like about him - he's cute and that remark he made to Seacrest (about not wanting the towel back after Seacrest wiped his face with it) was funny.

    Ruben - "A Whole New World" - Fabulous.

    Trenyce - "I Have Nothing" - very good

    Clay - "Somewhere Out There" - OK, he's got a great voice but I still see him on Broadway, not as a recording artist.

    Kimberly C. - "The Shoop, Shoop Song" - don't like her.

    Josh - "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" - he really made this song his own - it even took me a few minutes to remember Aerosmith sang it.

    Carmen - "Hopelessly Devoted To You" - I can only imagine how horrible it was

    Charles - "You Can't Win" (The Wiz) - he didn't do well last week, he has a good voice but perhaps the large crowd makes him nervous.

    Rickey - "It Might Be You" - sorry to have missed this one, he has a great voice.

    Julia - "What A Feeling" - I'm thankful to have missed it.

    Kimberly L. - "Home" (The Wiz) - not crazy about her, don't really care that I missed her.

    MY rankings:

    1. Ruben
    2. Trenyce
    3. Corey
    4. Clay
    5. Josh
    the rest are going down.

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    Oh mathman - the worst dressed were Carmen and Julia. Julia looked stuck in the 80s and Carmen looked like she just picked the first 2 things she found in her closet!!!

    I'll start with the bottom group from last night:

    Corey - great song choice, but it was just too painful to listen to him
    Charles - terrible song choice, he's a good performer, but he needs better songs
    Carmen - good song, but that twang
    Julia - Gladys was right. Maybe she's still in shock from surviving last week, but I don't think she's going to be around much longer

    Middle Group:
    Josh - I like him, but last night he really did sound country and should be on that country contest!!! He performed well, but not well enough to be in the top group. If he makes it through and they have a big band night like last year, he'll be gone soon.
    Kimberley L. - Burger Kim redeemed herself, but I think she still has a long way to go. Maybe we should rename her Dorothy - after all, she's sung 'Over the Rainbow' and now 'Home' from 'The Wiz'.
    Rickey - I've always loved this song and I think he did it well
    Kimberly C. - I really like her - she's a great performer and has wonderful presence. But if she wanted to do something upbeat, I think 'Let's Hear It For the Boy' from Footloose would have been a better choice. Of course, maybe she wanted to do 'Flashdance' but Julia had already chosen it.

    The Top Group (I think we're all in agreement here):
    Trenyce, Ruben, Clay - WOW!!!! I think this is the top 3 here. Then again, Tamyra got the boot after a poor performance. Let's hope that they all have great performances every week!!!

    This week's Bottom 3: Julia, Charles, and Corey. Julia will be eliminated.

    Herm (sk8ngnutt)

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    I too think Julia's history. She was hanging by a thread last week and last night she was awful. She need to pump those pipes and she barely got out a performance that reminded me of a girl whose parents are making her sing in front of all the relatives.

    --Ruben: Had it with the first three notes and then really pulled out the stops. I don't even like this song and I got chills.
    --Clay: Not his best, but his less-than-best is still great. Every week, I find this guy sexier. Whether he's feeling it or not, he sure seems like he is and he's got a wonderful natural connection to the audience. I also like that he doesn't use a lot of gestures. He also seems to know how to build a song. I like how this showed his range. If he keeps this up and takes it up a notch or two, he will be the one to beat.
    Trenyce: I thought she looked gorgeous. She's not a kid. She's in her early 20s. I thought the dress was classy and I agree with Gladys Knight: It showed her confidence. I thought she pushed herself tonight and this is a good sign.

    Interesting that two out of the three best are wild cards:D

    Kimberly Caldwell: When they showed her performing in Branson, MO as a kid, that explained it all to me as to why I don't like her. When I saw that, I was thinking, "This girl is a Disneyland singer." When Simon said the thing about her performance being something he could see in any theme park, I think he nailed it. I find her to be over trained in a beauty pageant kind of way. The gestures, the make-up, the hair, the way she sings. I find this to be sad, because she really does have a good voice. I just think the real Kimberly Caldwell is buried under all those rules for "How To Be a Pop Singer." Unless she digs down deep, takes some risks, and pulls out everything she has, I can see her as a good but ultimately mediocre singer in a piano bar at a midwest Holiday Inn.

    Corey: Has the look, but his singing is getting less impressive every week. However, I think if he got some good training (Rgal, are you available?), he could be really good.

    Kimberly Locke: Still stuck in limbo. At the auditions I thought, "Great, a big girl with big pipes," but that hasn't come to fruition, at least so far.

    Charles: ZZzzzzzzzz. Hated the "Did you like it?" question to the audience after Randi criticized him. Of course they're going to scream "YES!" They're there for free (I think). Try doing that when people have paid $80 to $100 bucks a ticket (I know that audience ain't paying that). I think Charles thinks he's better than he is, when really he needs a lot of work. Nice natural voice, but he doesn't know what to do with it.

    Carmen: Should have gone on "America's Best Country Singer" or whatever the name is of the country version of American Idol. Although, I must say that for 17, she has great poise, a great way with a song (for country), and a beautiful stage presence. I find her to be very genuine, too. Not right for AI, but I would say to her, "Get thee to Nashville!" And MEOW! re Simon's comment that Carmen replace that Dixie Chick chick:lol:

    Ricky: Didn't do it for me last night. He could use his dorkness to his advantage, but he hasn't found it yet, IMO.

    Joshua: Another one who should have entered the country version of AI. I know he said that country is who he is, but I wish he would have figured that out earlier.

    Kelly: Sounded great and definitely, working with top pros have slicked her up. I kind of miss the raw naturalness, but the glam influence is inevitable. I'm going to get killed for saying this, but I thought she looked a little heavy and out of shape. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one who wants singers to all look like Britney Spears. But Kelly's look seems to be a result of too much publicity work--dashing from interview to interview--too much stress, a lot of fast food, and not enough exercise and rest. Just like sometimes thinness is due to a stressful lifestyle, in this case, I think Kelly's weight gain is mostly a result of stress. The girl needs a vacation and time to get healthy.

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    Bottom 3 = Charles, Corey, Julia

    Charles gets the boot. Too bad. He really seems like a nice guy and he did much better singing tonight than last night.

    Corey and Julia were class acts. You could tell that they really felt for Charles. Julia was crying and Corey started a CHARLIE, CHARLIE! chant.

    Best part of the show: Simon beating Josh in a pushup competition! Simon rocks!

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    I think everyone was pretty much in agreement about the singing. Ruben absolutely stunned me and Trenyce did a great job. I didn't think this was Clay's best, but it was better than the middle group.

    My bottom was Julia, Charles, Corey and Carmen. I was surprised that Julia wasn't out - I agree with Ms Knight who said she didn't look like she was enjoying herself. She doesn't move on stage at all.

    Rgirl - I agree with you about Kelly. I don't think that shade of black was good on her. The front of the dress seemed frumpy and the asymetrical cut of the back didn't enhance her figure. I also didn't like her hair hanging on her face - thought she looked better in the movie scenes where her hair was lighter and shorter.

    Is anyone going to pay to see this movie? I think I'll wait for it to come out on DVD, pay-per-view or standard TV broadcast.

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    Ten bucks for Kelly and Justin? NOOOOOOO way:lol: I'll be surprised if the movie lasts in theaters for more than week. TV, yes, and I would even buy Kelly's cd (on six months after it's released). No diss to Kelly, but I just haven't heard any songs that have grabbed me. I kind of wish they had a cd of Kelly's performances on last year's AI competition. I thought she did some phenomenal covers, eg. Natural Woman, Respect, Stuff Like That There, Walk on By. When they write songs that are as exciting as her voice, then I'll pay full price.

    Not surprised that Charles was cut. Charles, Corey, and Julia were equally weak, IMO. And what word did Simon use to describe Corey's performance? Was it "despicable"? Mike, you are right. Simon rocks.

    I wonder how Julia is going to handle the stress of being almost cut two weeks in a row? I hope, of course, that this inspires her to kick it, but I'm afraid this poor girl is just going to crumble under the strain.

    Next week is disco. I wonder if anybody is going to do "Disco Duck"?:x

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    re: American Idol 3/19

    Mike - I agree that Charles sang better tonight than last night.

    Anyone notice the lyrics of the first 2 getting the boot? First we have Vanessa singing "Set me free why don't you?" (America did), then Charles singing "You can't win" (America said neither can you). I'm not suggesting any conspiracies here, but if I were competing, I'd be choosing songs with some upbeat lyrics right about now!!


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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    I can't believe Julia is still in it! I don't think she can either....Maybe she'd better pick "I will survive" next week. Charles was okay, but was like RJ last year, in over his head. Trenyce and Clay are definately the cream of the crop...Throw Ruben in there, and how do you pick the #1 out of that?? Wow. Wonder what will happen if Josh ends up being called to war? If they'd give him an automatic in into next time's top ten or something? Been curious about that..>Kasey

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    Re: American Idol 3/18

    Awwww .... poor Charles. I really thought Julia should have got the boot tonight. She really didn't do it on Tuesday night, IMO. Must have been the poor choice of song that did Charles in. Oh well .........

    By the look on Paula's face, she wasn't too pleased with America's choice of WHO was gone.

    Disco next week ... that should be a decent *challenge* for some of the contestants.

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