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    News Oksana Baiul

    Hey Everyone,

    I am a huge Oksana Baiul fan, as I assume many are!!! Well I just found out she is starring in a Broadway Musical on ice... I can't wait to see it!!! It's called "Cold As Ice" and opens on May 16th @ Gateway Playhouse in Bellport, Long Island.
    Here is a portion from the press release:

    "The Gateway Playhouse is icing up the stage to welcome Perfect Ten Olympic Gold Medalist Oksana Baiul. Along with Oksana Baiul, who is no stranger to performing in the spotlight, and Lucinda Ruh, who set the world record for the longest and fastest spinning on ice, this all-star cast will include eminent skaters such as National Competitors Stephanie Rosenthal and Derrick Delmore. Watch as six talented skaters vie for gold, silver, and bronze in their journey to the Olympics.
    This creative and revolutionary concept of a half ice / half stage production inside the illustrious Gateway Playhouse has critics raving about the potential for sheer excitement, thrills, and “chills,” and leaving audiences in awe of the never-before-staged production of Cold as Ice!
    If you love theatre or you love skating, then don’t miss the world premiere of this once in a lifetime figure skating spectacular!"

    Important Show Information:
    • Opening night - Wednesday May 16th at 8:00pm at the Gateway Playhouse in Bellport, Long Island, New York.
    • Run of show - May 16th – June 17th with eight (8) shows performing each week.
    • Ticket Ordering Information:
    • Gateway Playhouse:
    • Box Office: 631-286-1133

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    Thats soo cool. Im not that big of a Baiul fan, but am a HUGE fan of Stephanie Rosenthal (Robot Girl from 06 Nationals?! Yes Please!). I'll deff see this if I get the chance.

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