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Thread: Castile & Okolski updated their official site 04.04

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    Castile & Okolski updated their official site 04.04

    U.S. Champions Brooke Castile & Ben Okolski added three sets of personal photos (over 40 images) from their daily lives, the 2007 World Championships and more to their new official Web site.

    They also added the Champions on Ice show in Detroit, Mich., to their schedule.

    Stay tuned for their first journal entry.

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    Brooke added eight new photos to the site including a couple shots from nationals and Four Continents. Because some of you may have already viewed the other photos, they have been placed in a new gallery (snapshots 4).

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    I like them a lot. Too bad they bombed at worlds due to her illness. Well, there will always be next year.

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