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Thread: The Meaning of Blonde

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    Kara Bear

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    The Meaning of Blonde

    an interesting article on blondes

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    Re: The Meaning of Blonde

    "Blondes have more fun!"


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    "Blondes have more fun" -- Oh definetly! I am a blonde- and I live up to it too. hehe. I am soooo happy becuase Legally Blonde 2 comes out just in time for my b-day. =) yes, Legally Blonde is my fav movie. lol.

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    Re: blondes

    I was a blonde once by mistake. Think I was 46. I was supposed to get a heavy frost and the operator forgot that was all the hair I had and couldn't get color back in it. My daughter started to cry when I walked in the door. Didn't notice any more or less fun. It was funny when the neighbor guy walked up to the door, looked in and left and then came back as he thought he had the wrong door.:rollin:

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